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Corvette Today Show: Every Corvette Owner Has Corvette Stories, This Time MECF’s John Elegant Talks With Steve Garrett

If you frequent CORVETTE TODAY, you know I always say that, "Every Corvette owner has a story!” My guest on this show has 60 years worth of Corvette stories! John Elegant (the main man on shares some of his best memories and Corvette stories with us, from the effect of seeing his first Corvette had on him to his first Corvette purchase, to Harlan Charles and Tadge Juechter stories! ; This is part # 1 of John’s Corvette stories. Have a Kleenex handy too-his last story will bring tears to your eyes! See what I mean when I say, "Every Corvette owner has a story" on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY
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Welcome HorsePower Obsessed & BlackOut Tinting As Our New MECF Vendor

Led by Justin at HorsePower Obsessed and his many YT videos, bet quite a few of you just became aware his co-ownership of several BlackOut Tinting Shops carrying XPEL, great window tinting and many more servces. WELCOME [email protected]/BlackOut Tinting! Find HPO on their YT channel @ HorsePower Obsesed, BlackOut Tinting @
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Find out your C8’s Order Status by asking!

Information provided to MidEngineCorvetteForum members, and with great thanks to Corvette Ed for answering your inquiry requests in our sticky’d “The C8 Order Inquiry Status Thread” in our “Purchasing Section.”https://www.midenginecorvetteforum.c...inquiry-thread
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2023 Corvette Info Including SR Pricing, SR 2023 Visualizer, 70th Anniversary SR/Z06 Press Release; The C8 Z06 Press Release, Order Guide & Its Visualizer Link

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Why Z06’s Full Aero Package Might Be Transported Installed & Fully Wrapped

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  • Why Z06’s Full Aero Package Might Be Transported Installed & Fully Wrapped

    Is this a one-off or are there reasons for why this Z07 is completed wrapped? Might standard Z06’s with the complete aero package also be shipped identically?

    Let’s put aside the “it is wrapped because GM is trying to hide something” that was recently suggested, for I asked a GM rep and that is not the reason, but instead there are very positive reasons for why this picture will also not be a one-off but be future de riquere for what we will be seeing starting with every customer shipped Z07 and every standard Z06 with the aero package.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DF5CD52F-ABCF-4772-B7B7-8DB2EF19F696.jpg Views:	0 Size:	348.8 KB ID:	385913

    While this car is a Z07, these pictures are also a precursor of transporting the standard Z06 with a high wing aero package. But why are they doing that if, as we know it costs money to re-design a wrapper, taking two employees to put it on and should involve two more when it comes off, e.g., expenses that would not be incurred if the Z07’s high wing were shipped off the car? But the ovbiovus next question is, since there is no way to transport high wings off the car, nor inside the car, nor on the transporter itself, would there not be considerable shipping costs USPS, FedEx, or similar?

    Yes there sure are. I have no idea of comparative costs for any of thoses method but I know that shipping and wrapping costs in the last paragraph is not the reason for why the Z06’s high wings (both versions) are going to be assembled onto the car within BGA, wrapped, and shipped as shown here.

    This of course is a major departure from past GM practice of shipping high wings not mounted to the car while in transport. But again why are they changing what they have done for a while?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	776C46CC-2D5F-49EE-888B-C89754F6C1B9.jpg Views:	0 Size:	155.8 KB ID:	385917

    Digressing and saying thank you first… Let’s start with what I was able to learn at the Bash from a super knowledgeable BGA Manager who was a gem in his explaining how the standard Z06’s two “corner duckbill spoilers” are adjustable — and also thank this wonderful GM rep for explaining some of the answer to this thread’s second question, e.g., why are the Z06’s high wings going to be all be installed within BGA — something I just learned separately. [Had I been smarter I would have asked him that part of the question too.]

    In talking with this BGA Manager, we discussed what we all know, that for the standard C8 which has the optional high wing, it was shipped off the car and then added onto it during the PDI process, though first requiring the complete removal of the rear fascia. What I learned that was new to me, but candidly not a surprise, was that in the PDI process and even more so for owners or aftermarket installed high wings, let us to be gentle say that that all of the following become more that isolated problems.

    1) Not every Technician (dealership, private nor every owner) was placing the bottom edge of the rear fascia onto a piece or carpet or cardboard —with thankfully consequent, usually-unseen lower fascia paint damage (or occasionally worse). Did one ever get leaned against something and fall over at a body shop while they were doing an aftermarket install of the high wing?

    2) Removal of the rear fascia can be done perfectly but it was not always done to that standard. Sometimes one person without experience would remove it themselves with less than stellar consequences including some damaged wiring, bent attaching clips, failure to re-attach all clips properly with sometimes later poor, consequent fascia to rear fender uniform appearance gaps, and other issues. Sometimes even a pair of experienced Techs did not together do it properly.

    3) There is another major problem that was sometimes encountered. This issue was brought to light in a dealer video, and that is if one were removing the Z51’s standard spoiler, sometimes the paint on the top of the fascia peeled off at and beyond the standard attachment points.

    For all these reasons, GM will be shipping attached all Z07 high wings and all high wings part of the Z06’s aero package, after their first being within BGA and wrapped as shown above.

    Surpirse to me and perhaps to you too, if one looks closely you can see the dive planes present and also already mounted on the car. I therefore expect but I did not confirm that the dive planes and perhaps as is shown in at least one of the pictures below, the extended splitter might also be BGA installed.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F23C3CED-C6EA-4B78-B4B7-A2D5BDB0449A.jpg Views:	0 Size:	73.6 KB ID:	385918
    Z06 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available to us. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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    Thanks John for this thread. I for one really like the idea of the plant doing this assembly rather than tech at the dealership for a lot of reasons but number one it will be done right the first time. Thanks


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      I installed the high wing aero kit on my C7Z06 a while back. Removing the rear fascia was not that bad…but reinstalling it was not for the faint of heart. I’m glad to hear that the plant will be doing the install, and look forward to adding a C8Z07 to my stables. Thanks for this good news.
      Click image for larger version

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        So these Z06’s are not being a hidden while being shipped back to KY due to emission issues???


        Outstanding work John. You are the truly the only reliable source in this community.


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          I’m wondering how well that wrap will do on the long haul? I drove my car back to Oregon from bowling green and I’m happy to say that my paint was undamaged even after dipping south to avoid weather. On the other hand, I know people. That sustained quite a bit of damage from dirt under the tyvek cover combined with wind and water over the long trip out West. I am curious how that visible carbon fiber finish will do under those conditions combined with the ride on a car transport in the winder road spray vs the rail car with ‘minimal’ road dirt exposure? Maybe they will add additional protectant pieces or removable film at those sharp protruding edges under the transport cover?


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            Good thinking That is exactly what has been happening lately, that they have been adding some protective single layer padding over the last two years, perhaps like a thin soft cell closed foam at specific impact points.

            Methinks what they are doing now is testing exactly that on non customer Z07’s, and that over the next few months they will have made progressive adjustments to the point that they are confident that even with a visible carbon fiber high wing, vis CF dive planes and a vis CF extended front splitter that they arrive without any “impact stress marks.”
            Z06 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available to us. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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              Hey Everyone - Here is a new concept: Now that most new Corvettes exceed $70,000 and the Z06 can easily be $100,000 or more, perhaps Chevrolet and GM can require a new truck/trailer Corvette transporter with enclosed wp material sides/top that slide back and forth to allow loading/unloading of Corvettes that are kept clean, no vandalism, can allow all optional wings - spoilers - splitters - etc. installed within the Assembly Plant, and will keep nasty weather from the new Corvette exteriors. There are 53 foot long flat bed trailers that have this sliding. weather proof, top and sides enclosure to protect expensive freight from weather damage, so a transporter version should be capable of being covered.

              For this new amount of $ 1,395 for destination costs (even for the 1/2 mile trip across the highway to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green) there has to be an incentive for Chevrolet to acquire a fleet of new covered transport trailers to keep all of these dealer installed options to a bare minimum, preventing damage in route to the dealers and having the experts within the Assembly Plant install these new high wings, splitters, and other future Z06 / Stingray features.

              If the trailer is enclosed and weather proof, the Plant could lose the white Tyvek covers and decrease some customer costs.

              Just an idea to keep the Corvette the best it can be while in transit.
              Or just get a contract with Reliable, Plycar, InterCity and other enclosed delivery contractors for that $ 1,395 costs from the Plant to your garage.

              Thanks for listening!


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                and this is great news for those of us "far away"......several months shipping is best done with a properly covered/protected vehicle....thanks GM 👍


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                  I like how John quotes his sources as GM and others (with their YT channels) quote their "sources" with adjectives. Sorry, but "super in the know" "very credible" "super reliable" "very trustworthy" etc. etc. if not GM (and please don't think a dealer is GM), remains NOT GM. Therefore, if you can't state a credential for your source then your source remains questionable. John, thanks for your candidness. It's always been nice to come somewhere with credible information. What's even more interesting is how some of these people simply scoop and quote MECF as their source so the breadcrumbs lead all the way back here. On another note.....I still think Corvette_Nut is a GM employee LOLOLOLOL


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                    Great information as always John.
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                      This raises two questions in my mind:

                      1) Does shipping with the wing attached affect the number of aero equipped cars that can fit on a transporter? Can these only go on the top level, for example?

                      2) Since the point of this is to reduce damage caused by dealer techs during PDI, are they going to also start shipping Stingrays with the high wing pre-installed? Or do Stingray owners still have to deal with the risk of damage during PDI?
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                        Two excellent questions.

                        1). Will a Z06 with the high wing fit on the bottom layer of the transporter? I think not in most or maybe not all locations as shown in the following pic.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	69201276-7951-437B-BB2A-A4D76BF49737.jpg
Views:	423
Size:	62.0 KB
ID:	386030

                        And perhaps Z06’s with the high wing might only fit just on part of the top layer???

                        2) As of now, Stingray’s who are getting a high wing are having it not arrive installed on the car, requiring as we all know the rear fascia needing to be removed for that change out. Are they testing the next high-wing-factory-install system for the Z06 and if it is successful, then might they implement that change for the SR sometime this fall or so? Could be or not as follows:

                        But again as per above, they might not every do that in view of transporter loading and re-loading issues. They are not, if they for example are unloading them sequentially on a trip to the northwest, be moving cars even more than they need to now as they sequentially load and unloaded them. Moving cars on and off a transporter to relocate them for next stop delivery, or worse doing that multiple times in a trip is much higher risk than loading and unloading them just once onto a transporter.

                        So many complex issues and perhaps we are just going to see Z06’s transported that way due solely to transporter lower-level vertical space requirements.
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                          I am trying to be prepared in case the Z07 package isn’t available when my number is up. So two questions, hopefully someone knows the answers:

                          1. Do even the NON z07 cars come with the structure already behind the rear bumper cover, so that adding the high wing later doesn’t require removing the rear?

                          2. are the carbon flash rear upper aero pieces (instead of just body color) available for these early orders? I thought I read somewhere that they are not yet available

                          Hopefully someone can answer these with some level of assurance,


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                            1) Highly, highly, and very unlikely. GM has not before included extra cost, extra weight parts on any Corvette before that are not needed for that specific model. Consequently I estimate the chances of the vertical support struts being included a standard Z06 without the full aero package at less than 1%. Probably less than 0.001%

                            2) We have zero information yet on whether either the Z07 model or the T0F/T0G options are partially constrained, moderately constrained, or fully constrained. Early orders of say 50 in total magnitude (we only know of 39) are so small in number it will barely move the needle a fractional iota.

                            I admire you mentally prepping for what could be, but we do not have any even preliminary info at this time. Each of us needs to look in the mirror and ask and answer this question, if I can not get the aero package in either visible carbon fiber nor even in carbon flash, I would either tell my dealer to submit my order at this time without it or tell my dealer to hold off submitting it at least until the next consensus. This is the really hard question for many of us but we need to know what our answer will be if faced with that.

                            Perhaps the constraints are at a small percentage, with your placement at your dealer resulting in your order being able to have exactly what you want. Perhaps however at the other extreme since there is a slow ramp up even those of us who think that they are getting an allocation this first batch would be deeply disappointed to learn that is not being offered to us. Or perhaps somewhere in between and we need to decide whether to submit our order without the Z07 package, and/or a standard Z06 without the complete aero package.

                            We all want to know now what we can not know yet. Sorry! I too am in this same situation in-spite of my being on a top three dealer’s list for over 4 years. We need to wait this out and see what cards each of us would be dealt.
                            Z06 coming late this summer: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, complete high wing/aero package. CCB’s, with every piece of visible carbon fiber available to us. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 24 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.