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Corvette Today Podcast: Headlines and News!

Your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, and Keith Cornett from give you the lowdown on what’s going on in the world of Corvette!; Here are a few of today’s headlines:
1.The Bowling Green Assembly Plant has a rare Saturday shift, 1,036 C8 Corvettes were built last week, sets single day C8 record.
2.Bowling Green auto workers reject contract, strike authorized
3.Chevrolet pulls Engine Appearance Package and High Wing option from C8 orders
4.Chevrolet confirms to dealers that 2023 production starts
5.GM warns dealers about selling over MRSP for upcoming Z06’s
6. 70th Anniversary Details Leaked on the online Corvette Visualizer
7. Chevrolet to offer 1st retail C8 Z06 for charitable auction at Barrett Jackson
8. The #3 Cunningham Corvette of Lance Miller's has been sold!
9. New official C8 Z06 video comes out from Chevrolet called “The World”
Stay on top of everything Corvette with this week’s CORVETTE TODAY News & Headlines Podcast!
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Official Z06 Press Release, Reveal Pictures and Visualizer Access

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Sneaking A Look At Countdown Clock

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  • Sneaking A Look At Countdown Clock

    How often are you visiting the C8 countdown clock?

    If you have not yet seen it here on MECF, it is always the first linked as the top one in our “Announcements” section — and will be in that position until 7.18.19.

    How often do you visit the clock? Do you visit it even when you are sure it is a certain number of days, but still need to confirm to yourself, “I’ve got to be sure I am remembering it correctly?” Ever visit it more than once a day?

    BTW, it was 78 days when it was first posted, now down 1/3 from there. Only two-thirds of the days left to go...., so we are making progress.
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    For me, it's like watching Youtube video that says "Buffering...", and keep seeing the same image over and over.


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      Originally posted by John View Post
      How often are you visiting the C8 countdown clock?
      Just checked it for the first time as a result of your post. Looks cool. Maybe I didn't realize it was there. The date of 07/18/19 is pretty much seared in my mind so I don't think I need a second by second countdown. I know when 07/18/19 will occur according to a chart I have showing the days, weeks, and months of the year; my calendar.

      My problem is I will be in the middle of my annual two month trek into the Adirondack wilderness at that time. I will need to venture out of the woods and travel to an area that has internet access to see the C8.


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        i check it everyday just in case the next teaser shows up there before it is emailed.


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          Originally posted by 455SDguy View Post
          i check it everyday just in case the next teaser shows up there before it is emailed.
          Too bad no teaser during Indy 500. That would have been cool. First teaser was fast paced. Guess if there is another one it should be soon.


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            I tried to save it as a background on my computer, but all I got was the new emblem. The countdown clock wouldn’t save. I am sure there’s a way but I am not sure how. I think if someone could walk us through it, I wouldn’t be the only one that would save it.

            Regards Brian


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              Anyone? I am not smart enough to figure that out. I check the count down clock daily whether I need to or not.
              Enjoying my Shadow gray C8. What a car it is.


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                Never look at it. It's still too far off to worry about it, for me.
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                  Putting my marketing hat on now I think that Chevy will do more direct marketing on this introduction than network TV. Using the sign up list, media interviews, car magazine, Youtube and social media to spread their message. So if they produce 40,000 cars the first year, each car has a cost/budget figure for advertising. My guess is somewhere between 750.00 to 1,000 per car. That would get burned up pretty fast on a national tv ad campaign. This would be a good question to ask at the reveal press conference in July.


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                    To be honest, I guess I'm just tired of the wait and the total lack of any new 'creditable' information coming out. I used to check the various sites several times a day. Now it's just a couple times a week. I'm sure I'll be getting more excited as July 18th rolls by. After the 'reveal' I'm sure that the level of hype and all the opinions on what was said, as well as unsaid, coupled with individual interpretations, will be overwhelming.
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                      Every day just for fun, great idea Chevrolet .....
                      Click image for larger version

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                      A thought if I might ...


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                        What this reminds me of, when I was a pre-teen in the 1950s, I had a short wave radio. There were two precise time stations that you could tune in..... CHU in Canada, and WWV in the USA. They marked the time by beeps or ticks as each second passed, and then every minute (for CHU) or five minutes, (for WWV,) a pre-recorded voice would come on and announce the time verbally.

                        I would tune into these stations, and sometimes listen for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. We lived in a small apartment and it would drive my mother nuts.

                        Watching a clock count down like that is about as much fun as watching your Windows 10 clock on New Years Eve. Its summer!! Go out and have some fun!!!
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                          OMG...tomorrow it will be Less Than 50 days !!!!


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                            50 days and counting


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                              Originally posted by Brian Kissel View Post
                              I tried to save it as a background on my computer, but all I got was the new emblem. The countdown clock wouldn’t save. I am sure there’s a way but I am not sure how.
                              Heh, when the game Skyrim was announced way back when and everyone was hyped for the release, I programmed a quick little countdown timer for my desktop. As interested in the C8 as I am, I've never been tempted to do the same for it. It'll come when it comes.