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How long for the C8 to catch up to 488 1000 HP Hybrid

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  • How long for the C8 to catch up to 488 1000 HP Hybrid

    Ferrari's 986-hp mid-engine hybrid supercar stays bundled up in spy shots

    Heavy camouflage gives nothing away, but Ferrari fans predict even more power

    May 24th 2019 at 9:30AM
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    • Ferrari hybrid supercar
    • Spy shots show the car with nearly 1,000 horsepower.
    • Image Credit: CarPix

    With less than a week to go until its debut for VIP clients, Ferrari remains engaged in testing its hybrid V8 supercar. As these spy shots show, the Italian carmaker still insists on giving nothing away. The photographer wasn't able to figure out any more details, noting only that the camo panels were decorated with yellow triangles warning of electric shocks.

    The last intel we got came from Auto, Motor und Sport, the German magazine predicting 1,000 PS (metric horsepower), which is 986 of our ponies. That grunt would come from the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 borrowed from the F8 Tributo, and three electric motors — two on the front axles, one in the gearbox. All-wheel drive and instant torque would get the coupe from zero to 62 miles per hour in no more than 2 seconds, and cornering prowess will increase thanks to e-motor torque vectoring.

    Another stroll through the FerrariChat forum says power might be more than the 1,000 CV (cheveaux — metric horsepower again, but in French) indicated even on Ferrari's invitation to the launch event. A member wrote, "The current numbers doing the rounds are 1,050 — 1,100," bettors guessing 720 hp from the V8, roughly 200 combined horses from the front axle motors, and anywhere from 150 to 180 hp from the gearbox unit. That would be 1,080 hp at most, which is 1,095 CV.

    The looks are inscrutable. It's clear the door handles are in a different place, above the shoulder line, the front brakes calipers are mighty, and the headlights reveal some severe lines. The motorcycle rider who chased the coupe through the hills above Maranello said he saw squared taillights, but allowed that it could have been the shape of the camouflage openings. A Ferrari owners group from France visited the factory and apparently saw the complete bodywork for the hybrid coupe codenamed F173, describing the car as "wide and flat" with "huge rounded intakes" like half circles, a red body and a black glasshouse. On a side note, they also saw the 812 Spider bodywork, and said it's beautiful.

    Finally, another FC poster wrote that "the name has been already decided and there are very few chances that it will be changed. It will remind us of a Ferrari model launched years ago and also an actual car, a fast one." Depending on when Ferrari plans a public debut, we have anywhere from six days to three weeks left to play with this puzzle.

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    This "thing" looks like it will crawl under it self. Will the 1000 HP C8 be the same size, length, height, whit, seat height, windshield height and also maybe chassis and body construction as the base C8??????

    This Ferrari "thing" , at least superficially to the naked eye upon a spy shot, looks a pancake-mobile.


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      Yes, other than perhaps a slightly wider rear fender scoop, different rear fascia, hood with ducts, and different aero components, the Zora C8 we see in around 2023 Zora will be the same as the entry one we see in 55 days.
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        Can a big American Company like Corvette/GM, ever, do one-off design cars? Never could be financially feasible ?

        Below one-off F-80 by the Italians. Just a speculation not a criticism. The C8 will be a 70 year old dream come true


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          The people who are suggesting 1050 to 1100 hp are missing a key consideration.

          When calculating HP for a hybrid, you can't simply add up the maximum HP of the ICE and the electric motors, because the power (and torque) curves are very different. The electric motors produce max HP at lower speed than the ICE, so at the peak HP of the ICE, the electric motors are making well under their peak HP and torque. The electric motors boost performance most at lower speeds and rpm, where the ICE is weakest.

          Originally posted by SheepDog View Post
          Can a big American Company like Corvette/GM, ever, do one-off design cars? Never could be financially feasible ?
          Below one-off F-80 by the Italians. Just a speculation not a criticism. The C8 will be a 70 year old dream come true
          I think it's very unlikely GM would ever do a one off for sale. A show car, yes, but not something legal and licensed for the street. But there have been, over the years, a number of small companies that have done one-off or small production run cars based on the Corvette frame and mechanicals. The plastic bodywork makes that quite a bit easier than a traditional unibody car,

          Here's one:

          Click image for larger version

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            I believe ferrari is rushing its hybrid 488 to market as next year the chinese are restricting imports big time on non hybrid vehicles..

            china is a huge part of ferraris they are rushing to market the v8 hybrid to avoid losing chinese market overproduced this year to get a lot of inventory into the chinese market this year possibly in anticipation of a delay past january 2020 ...could be mid year before they new hybrid powertrains are ready for chinese delivery..or it could be later...

            id say with the corvette not being sold in is on a different time table...for a hybrid corvette making 1000 hp etc..

            gm will stick with its current marketing plan used in previous generations ...

            standard model the first year.
            z06 type performance upgrade upmarket the second year ..
            then a year or two later the zr1 hybrid model..

            all just supposition on my part,