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ME Seats/Interior Materials

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  • ME Seats/Interior Materials

    Some assumptions here, but based on several factors, they could well become probabilities.

    Prior to the C7’s ordering began, GM’s internally-forecasted that the take rate for the optional Comp Seats would be 8%, yet for the 2018 year the actual purchase rate for those seats was a little more than double of GM’s original projections, with 16.2% of 2018’s being ordered with the $1,995 Comp Seat option.

    In the U.S., every single different seat offered must be separately tested for compliance with NHTSA safety standards. As Tadge noted during the early days of the C7, just separately testing to destruction six brand new C7’s with Comp Seats (as is required for all the NHTSA tests), cost $500,000 — but based on the nice take rate for those seats, it is a highly likely assumption that the ME would offer both the GT seats and the Comp ones — though they could be physically modified, with certainly a high probability as GM has done for all new Corvette generations, that the ME’s seats would look very different from the C7’s.

    Another very popular interior option for the C7, has been the number of customers buying seats with suede (alcantara-like) inserts. For 2014 for example, 16.3% bought the suede option. So we should expect that suede option to continue. While the percentage has changed from year to year, suede seats are still a desired option by many buyers. Of course, traditional leather seats still are the overwhelming choice of Corvette buyers, so that option will obviously continue.

    The following were comments forum member Stevera2 a personal friend who lives close to where I do, made to me at the end of the summer of 2017.

    Originally posted by Stevera2
    This summer, I had a fun time visiting all exotic car dealers within a 100 mile radius. Every single exotic brand offered, on many of their models, not just a suede seat material option, but additionally matched that with suede their dashboards, door cards, consoles and often more, and in fact for some of their models, suede/alcantara was the standard material.
    Clearly suede/alancata is becoming the in interior material for many exotics. Might we similarly expect the ME to similarly, like European exotics, have suede as its standard and primary dashboard, door card, seat insert, and console armrest, etc.?

    I do not think so, but perhaps that could be the package offered in the top ME, “level 4” top interior.
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    While alcantera is relatively higher cost i bet microfiber material knockoffs are actually less expensive than leather...

    for the love of god i hope corvette goes with a soft touch material throughout the touch really cant be that much more expensive to get rid of the hard plastic on touch points in the interior...

    could it possibly be the assembly of hard plastic pieces is easier?

    i think you d have to be stupid not to figure out consumers prefer squeezable interior touch points...

    tell the suppliers what the consumers and automotive journalists have been saying for years..

    lexus does a nice job on their door panels at least on the upper half...

    would be nice not to jear journalists write the same **** decade after decade...

    thick soft steering d shaped wheel...would nt hurt either..

    the seats could use nice bosltering on the bottom and sides....

    i hate when my cuv has better contoured seats than my corvette..

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      Cadillac seats have to be made by the same vendor as are the Corvettes. Their "bucket" seats have a far better "seat" than does both the GT and Competition C7 seats. The seat is more rectangular than radiused and has significantly more bolstering than do the Corvette seats. The M8 car will (must) try and emulate more of what is expected from its more exotic competitors. The C7 3LT and 3LZ interiors were considerably better than previous generations of Corvettes. That same improvement should continue with the ME car.
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        I totally agree with most points. I truly like the sueded microfiber trim on my 3LZ, especially the steering wheel. The seat inserts not only look great but offer much better “butt stability” during severe cornering such as Autocross and HPDE’s. I was, however, very disappointed in the down grading of my 3LZ (Z06) interior from the 3LT (Stingray) interior. The 3LT, specifically in my Kalahari got a complete dash covering, while my 3LZ only received the Kalahari on the “eye brow” of the drivers side. Which was more like the 2LT interior. I’m hoping that the C8/ME will continue the trend of bringing Corvette (especially the higher optioned interior levels) up to the premium levels it deserves.