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The ME’s Interior

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  • The ME’s Interior

    We had some forum thread posts briefly mentioning the ME’s interior the other day. Thank you “Rfong,” for noting that one the things he wanted in the new ME, was a different looking interior than the C7’s. Still being “driver centric” was something he wanted, but the same time he was wishing for the ME’s interior to be a visual change befitting a new Corvette generation.

    I then seconded his thoughts, both his very positive ones about the C7’s interior, and also his wanting something visually new for the ME.

    The wonderful interior of the C7 was created under the leadership of GM Design Chief Helen Emsley. Day to day interior design was created by Ryan Vaughan, formally its “Lead Interior Designer.” Ryan soon thereafter was promoted to becoming the “Design Manager for GM Performance Car Interiors.”

    Thanks to forum member “Skank,” we just learned that Ryan Vaughan was again very recently promoted, just reassigned to GM’s joint-venture with China’s SAIC Automotive Company (called “PATAC”). Ryan is now PATAC’s “Executive Director of Design.”

    However those of us, including the automotive media who strongly praised the design of the C7’s interior, should not be concerned about Ryan’s leaving, since just like exterior design, developing the interior design of a Corvette is a many year process, and again just like the ME’s exterior body panels being finalized (signed off approximately two years ago), the final ME interior design was similarly totally completed before Ryan left the Corvette team.

    However, all of us who knew him, would liked to have said goodbye in person, so as second best, we will say here, “we are sorry Ryan we do not get to meet and discuss Corvette interior design with you vis-a-vis “a certain upcoming potential future product.” However, Ryan, we will welcome you back as the designer of the C9 or the C10’s interior.”

    So what we do we know about ME’s interior? Thanks to Skank, we learned the ME’s interior will be different from the C7’s, and that it will have “interesting shapes.”Beyond that, a little birdie was not willing to say anything more to him.

    How different and in what way? Ah yes, that same answer we are unfortunately knowing from hundreds of our ME specific questions, i.e., that we are going to have to wait for the reveal itself, or perhaps we could learn sooner than that with another pre-reveal-tease video of the interior (as GM shared for the C7 about 6 weeks before the Stingray was formally revealed).
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    Cool.. cant wait to see how the c8 interior evolves...

    driver centric sounds quite interesting...

    i have no idea what to even expect...