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Spring Mountain Dealership Training In September?

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  • Spring Mountain Dealership Training In September?

    Dealership Spring Mountain C8 Training/Driving Time?

    We earlier discussed dealership requirements to sell C8’s:


    The credit to raising this question of when might be the time that dealerships head to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for their training and driving C8’s belongs to “SN-III,” for he noticed that while Corvette Owners Schools runs almost back to back to back at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, there is a large “open block” between Monday, September 9th, and their not re-commencing until Friday, September 19th.

    Might this would be time when dealerships send their staff to Spring Mountain for C8 training/driving?

    To investigate whether this is a possibility, this last week I called and talked with top Corvette staff at three dealerships, all of whom took advantage of this same SMMR option at a comparable time during the C7 process. However, they responded, to a person, “nothing yet from GM.”

    So maybe that is when dealership who choose would start to send their staff to Spring Mountain to meet their selling C8 requirements outlined in this companion thread??? Or maybe there are track improvements, or other special activities going on at SMMR during those ten days? Bet we find out one way or another at some point.

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