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Why So Few ME Leaks

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  • Why So Few ME Leaks

    A friend (who is a forum member) recently went and talked to his GM and supplier friends, hoping they would share some ME information. Great idea, but his friends were not talking. I too have reached out to those who know definitive ME information, but again, little or absolutely nothing.

    Both of were also talking on the phone the other day about how we knew lots of facts about the C7 long before its reveal, but this time we are each running into a brick wall trying to learn even meager morsels.

    So what is different this time?

    We agreed on one thing, that having one’s ME colleague fired for talking “out of turn” is probably the reason why the “info spigots” are closed so tight right now. It sure would be sobering if a person within your building that you are least met a few times at the water cooler, had gotten escorted out of the building, is no longer employed.

    The second reason is that GM has even backed away from internal ME decisions. As one example, at one point the reveal of the ME was definitively set for a specific show/date, but now its time is “within a reveal window, with options being discussed.” I am not blaming GM for re-thinking things, waiting for more testing and development results..., just hard for us to learn “internal things” that GM does not yet want us to know.

    The one place we are learning from is the spy pictures, and even then, while the following two pictures helped us learn about the “thickness of the camo cladding on the rear of the ME” (best guess is about 2 3/4” in some spots), and separately learn about the door’s seeming internal hood duct, slim pickin’s even from the spy shots.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	0E752721-F2DA-4AFB-BC46-328971C9DA40.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	432.8 KB ID:	3541

    We did learn something dissecting this ME acceleration testing, that it definitively has a V8 — but precious else.

    So what is next? When will be learn more? And from what sources?

    Inquiring minds want to know!
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    Sales took a big dump for the c7lately...

    i think they are off 45percent or some crazy number...

    thats enough to chill gm to the bone....

    gm forgot that part of the reason its going to rear mid engine is to make a forty year long rumor finally come true...

    besides a few internet forum members who hate change and truly love exactly what they presently own...

    most auto enthusiasts will wait to see the new rear mid engine corvette...

    i fully expect this new c8 to rival my cars and coffee buddies new mclaren 570...

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      This is such a gigantic change for Corvette. It will rival Zora's insistence that GM put decent powertrains in the C1 after the first couple years. That decision literally saved Corvette, and set it on its path of becoming a dominant sports car, continuing further under Zora. The ME is at least as big as that - and possibly more. It will determine the fate of Corvette. Ironically, Zora's influence (spirit) is involved in this major shift as well.

      Given this, and the fact GM got caught with its pants down with the C7, it doesn't surprise me we haven't seen more than we have. The release of the CAD drawings was a pretty big breach, and one I'm sure GM is still ****ed about. I bet the heat came down hard on that one. The ME is just too big a deal to allow too much out too early.

      We'll all get the skinny on it - we'll just have to be patient. I fail at that often. . . LOL.


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        though i didnt buy a c7...i actually thought gm did a masterful job..

        that is an a,azing sports much so i cant even imagine how the c8 will be an improvement..
        as it is the c7 grand sport equals the mclaren 570 on the track...

        does that mean the c8 z51 will as well?