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When will the book come out???

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  • When will the book come out???

    With each new generation of the Corvette, there has been a book that served as a narrative for the development of the new generation. One of the best was "All Corvettes are Red" that documented the development cycle, along with all the trials and tribulations the development team had to overcome, to bring the C5 to market. I have to believe that a book focusing on the most important new Corvette in history is being written right now. My guess is it's only a couple chapters short of being complete.

    Who do you think will write the book on the ME C8 development??? When do you think it will be released??? Are you going to buy one even if you aren't planning on getting a ME when they hit the showrooms in 6 months or so??? I'm thinking it might help pass the time while waiting for my name to rise to the top of the list at the dealer.....

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    This new generation book should be the best book ever...forty years coming the stories of how many times management almost green lit the rear mid engine corvette...

    then of course the cadillac involvement in the c8 can be quite entertaining as well.

    bottom line this new c8 corvette book should be even more interesting than the excellent “All Corvette are Red”


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      Would love to purchase one. Should be extremely interesting.
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        I would love to read a book about the making of the C8!

        Another great book about a Corvette generation development, is Larry Edsall’s “Corvette Stingray, The Making of the Seventh Generation Of America’s Sports Car.” Not only is it fascinatingly interesting and highly informative about the behind the scenes developments, but its pictures are terrific. From Amazon.

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          If there is a new Corvette book my wife buys me one for either Christmas or my birthday. So yes look forward to those two occasions for sure. Not getting older just the book. And chocolate cake of course.


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            Agreed JB, there is a lot of information on the previous Mid-engine experiments. But I wonder what GM will allow to be released from its insiders?
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