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Lets discuss the z51 FE4 package. Who is thinking of ordering & possible insights

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  • Lets discuss the z51 FE4 package. Who is thinking of ordering & possible insights

    Lets discuss the z51 FE4 package. Whose thinking of ordering this and possible insights to this package offering?

    the new c8 has been shown to be possibly be offered in standard , z51 and z51 FE4 format.

    1) which are you leaning towards and why?

    2) what do you think the z51 fe4 package will have over and above the z51 package and what will be both the cost and benefits?

    3) any reason not to order the fe4 package over the z51 by itself.?

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    Im thinking fe4 includes mrc shocks? For an additional 1800 dollars over z51 as part of z51 fe4?

    mrc is quite adept at keeping the tires in contact with real world road conditions for maximum performance on the street and has real value on tje track.

    do you believe the fe4 option will be worth any track time ? Will it include other peripheral items as standard to warrant a greater than 1800 increase in proce over z51 without fe4.

    my estimation is 6 grand for z51...8 grand for z51 fe4...

    im just shooting the breeze as none of us obviously know anything...

    any opinions on other possible items in the z51 fe4 package would be entertaining...


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      Could z51 fe4 include carbon fiber wheels for a total cost of 15 grand?

      unsprung weight reduction sure makes the driving experience sweet..

      ford does the GT350 R package a ten grand option and is similiar to the z51 package in concept...and execution and it includes carbon fiber wheels for ten grand...

      that would be ten grand well spent on a corvette c8...

      extra engine and transmission coolers, mrc shocks , slightly different suspension pieces amd carbon fiber wheels would be cool...

      my real question is who is thinking of z51 fe4 for their c8...

      or just z51 ?

      or just the stamdard model of excellence ?

      if so why?


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        I agree with smoove7410’s earlier post that the carbon fiber wheels would appear with the Z06, and believe that is the earliest we would see them.
        Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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          Thats ok...what about the fe4 option? What do you think that includes and why should it be considered?

          just having fun


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            Click image for larger version  Name:	92C5B97D-0DCF-478B-B845-9B6046452E68.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	46.7 KB ID:	35226

            I believe that the FE4 option would be the same for the C8 as for the C7. The old should I get magnetic selective ride control (MSRC) shocks question,
            the one that on many forums gets tons of attention. For me “yes,” but I recognize for many that the answer is “no.”

            Here’s a couple of videos that might be useful:

            The eleven (11 year old video), narrative by then Chief C5 Engineer Dave Hill, showing a comparison between having it or not. When viewing it, we note that GM greatly improved the MSRC system between the C5 and the C6, further between the C6 and the C7, and probably is even better for the C8;

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            Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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              I understand the advantage of run flat tires, being able to drive out of Camden New Jersey at 2 am with a puncture. However, it seems incongruous to me to spend a fortune on carbon fiber wheels for lightness, and then mount heavier construction run flats on them.


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                You would think that MSRC would be standard on "world class" sports car but Chevrolet has to keep the base MSRP low to keep the faithful happy. Like John, yes for me but probably no for many others.


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                  So fe4 is the mrc option attached to the z51 ?

                  thanks i didnt know..

                  i did not realize that was a code used on the z51 with mrc...on the c7...

                  thanks guys..

         one shoukd ever drive through camden NJ....especially at 2 am...


                  as far as carbon fiber wheels ? I was just goofing around...i didnt think they would be part of the z51 fe4 package...

                  i do think lowering unsprung weight is a very cool way to improve driver expereinces though..

                  in one of my corvettes i dumped the runflats cutting 26.4 lbs of unsprung weight and was wowed.

                  I felt at the time as a young man that it was a transformative performance enchancement...

                  always puts a smile on my face as I think back at such an experiment.
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                    On the C7, you can order MSRC (mag shocks) without the Z51 package. That wasn't true for the first couple of years of the C7, and I have no guess as to whether it will be true for the C8.
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                      Good point meyerweb. We have so much to learn yet.
                      Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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                        If this leaked screenshot is real then FE4 is once again adding MSRC to Z51 packages only, just like the first years of the C7.


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                          What about the axle ratio?

                          is the 3.80 gears GM7?

                          is that part of z51 or z51 fe4 or both? Or a stand alone ?

                          im guessing part of either z51 sound about right?

                          I would think the mrc shocks since almost all high performance vehicles these days or at least a lot of them are buying mrc shocks from delco that would be a pretty smart option to buy.....

                          keeping the tires in contact with real world roads is a pretty slick feature of mrc...

                          i would have thought every c8 needed to have that....

                          its ok they dont but surprising...although the spool valve shocks of the ultra high performance z28 were chosen for their improved track capabilities....

                          i think you have to be a real track dog to go that route and I believe those spool valve shocks on the z28 were in fact evenmore expensive....

                          the roads are getting worse and worse...potholes and road irregularities wont be totally smoothed over with mrc yet its got to be a little

                          you guys are a great resource..
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                            There's a lot we still don't know (soon!) but I would guess that if you get the Z51 package, GM7, FE3, XFQ, and J55 from that screenshot are automatically chosen also.

                            The difference in the rear axle ratio seems almost insignificant unless the transmission gear ratios also change.


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                              Anyone else surprised by 245s up front? Seems rather skinny. Hell, my GT350 have 295s up front.