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Monday’s Software Changes & Upgrades

Monday’s software updates, including changes to our Photo Gallery, User Name Cards, and other changes & fixes can be accessed here: Thanks brad66 for creating the linked thread.
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Official Z06 Press Release, Reveal Pictures and Visualizer Access

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Engine Air Filter Life System

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    Originally posted by Milliwatt Rob View Post
    So does it measure actual remaining filter life by pressure across the filter, or other actual means, or is it a calculation, like the remaining oil life indicator?
    That's what I wonder, too. My guess is it's an algorithm, but I have no idea what inputs it uses to calculate.
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      Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
      (BTW, that title is John's doing, not mine. )[/QUOTE

      Its descriptive and accurate considering your outstanding contributions to the forum. Your post #7 in this thread is just the latest example. Thanks.
      Could not agree more. These important tidbits of info that are not clearly spelled out in the owners manuals are invaluable. Thanks Bob!


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        I couldn’t find it until someone here told me to scroll down on the DIC maintenance screen. There is plenty of space on the Oil Life Monitor screen, the default screen, to include the Air Filter Monitor information. With so much blank screen below the OLM I assumed, incorrectly, that I didn’t have the Air Filter Monitor (MY 2021). But it is there if you scroll down. Midenginecorvetteforum comes through again.


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          Engine Air Filter Life System

          OK. Had my 2lt 2020 C8 out today and looked for the Air Filter Monitor screen per the the instructions in this thread. No joy. The only things that are in my "maintenance" section of the DIC is "Engine Life" info and "Fluid Life" (oil & transmission). This jives with other 2020 posters in this thread.

          So at this point I believe I can conclude the 2020 does not have it regardless of trim level even though its discussed in the 2020 Owners Manual. Apparently the Air Filter Monitor was added to the 2021. Presumably the 2022 also has it but no posters yet for the 2022 on this.


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            2022 here and I have it....
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              Originally posted by C8-FL View Post
              2022 here and I have it....
              Thanks C8-FL