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BGA’s Tornado Damage Was $225,000,000

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  • BGA’s Tornado Damage Was $225,000,000

    Amazing and they returned to production just six work days later. Is there any way to express how fantastic this recovery was? Sure if there were 120 vehicles destroyed as an average sale price of $96,000, that would itself be $12M subtracted from this amount, then 6+ days of lost production, add in wages that had to be partially employed to the employees and other factors, but $225,000,000 is a staggeringly large amount of money — of which $175,000,000 was just attributable to physical damage.

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    Thanks you Muscle Cars and Trucks for your unearthing and sharing this article. For those who are not yet an email subscriber of theirs (free into your email in basket when you wake up), I urge you to do so.


    From Property Damage to Business Interruption, Things Are Getting Pricey

    by Cody U.January 5, 2022, 2:52 pm

    In early December 2021, tornadoes came through Kentucky in full force, hitting the General Motors Bowling Green Assembly plant, the National Corvette Museum, the NCM Motorsports park, and other surrounding facilities. What’s the cost of cleaning up the mess? Estimates from insurance companies place losses around $225 million USD.

    MC&T previously reported initial damage to the plant that included a fire on the rooftop of the assembly plant, museum signage blown 30-plus miles away, and over one-hundred Corvettes battered by the high winds and flying debris designated for demolition, just to name a few. The assembly plant has since cleaned up and started operating again however. The assessed damage tells the story of what was truly affected. According to Corvette Blogger, the damage assessment and write off procedures are being handled by a variety of carriers that include Allianz, Zurich, Axa XL, Munich Re, Allied World, Sompo, and Argo Group.

    The Breakdown:

    Estimates breakdown into two separate categories. A total of $175 million was attributed to physical damage. That includes property, equipment, and vehicles. There is another estimate for $50 million that accounts for interruption of business, including the time it took to repair and set everything back up for normal and safe production. Current estimates show about $7.3 to $11.5 million are associated with the loss of over 100, closer to 120 in total, Corvettes. The variation in that estimate is due to the difference in starting and transaction price.

    Per Corvette Blogger, the average transaction price for a 2022 Corvette sits at $96,000 while the starting price rings in at $61,000. If you add all of the categories up you end up with a grand total of $225 million in damages. Combined industry losses are expected to hit in the low billions of dollars. A modeling firm has estimated a grand total of $3 billion. The Corvette plant in Bowling Green has been the only home of building Corvettes since 1981. One of its most current projects will include production of the 2023 Corvette Z06.

    To be clear, the $225 million in damages are just for the Corvette plant. The National Corvette Museum and NCM Motorsports Park – which operate independently of General Motors are not included.[/Quote
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    Expect GM’s insurance policy to be a bit more costly… and hope it will not mean anything to MSRP of our cars😎
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      Large companies such as GM usually self insure for losses, and only carry excess loss coverage with outside insurance companies. So, if the claim with outside insurers is $225M, the total losses are even more.
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        WOW. Big number.


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          Crazy to think that doesn’t include the NCM or Motorsports park. That’s a huge number and makes the quick recovery even more impressive
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          Well worth the wait, the car is amazing!


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            Both the Business and Residential sector will need to start budgeting for annual weather related disasters going forward.

            It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when".


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              Originally posted by Milliwatt Rob View Post
              Large companies such as GM usually self insure for losses, and only carry excess loss coverage with outside insurance companies. So, if the claim with outside insurers is $225M, the total losses are even more.
              Impressive rate of recovery with a huge physical loss / damage ! Hopefully the BG staff human emotional / personal loss were adequately managed...
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                "the average transaction price for a 2022 Corvette sits at $96,000"

                This ^^^ is what I found surprising. I would have guessed in the mid $80k range.


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                  Originally posted by TurtleTim View Post
                  "the average transaction price for a 2022 Corvette sits at $96,000"

                  This ^^^ is what I found surprising. I would have guessed in the mid $80k range.
                  That's why It's hard to believe these types of stories.
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                    The business interruption claim is predicated on lost profits, not lost revenue. Sure, while the plant sits idle GM may not be producing revenue generating vehicles, but they are also not incurring substantial costs. It's also likely true GM self insured some or all of this type of exposure. In the scheme of the insurance world, this is not a significant CAT event. Net, it's probably little more than a rounding error on GM's balance sheet.


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                      A total of $175 million was attributed to physical damage
                      Be curious to see the breakdown because I'm skeptical of the number. We know about the crushed cars. was there damage to cars on the line near the roof damage?

                      $100M in damage doesn't gets fixed in a week. Think about how much labor and materials it takes to incur $100M in construction costs. Then think about how long that takes do deploy that level of resources and complete the work.
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                        From prior information I wouldn't have thought the cost that high, but my bigger concern has always been the production delays and how that impacts C8 buyers. Many of these folks have been waiting more than a year for their C8 and now face additional delays.

                        It was impressive to see how quickly GM was able to get the factory into functional condition and initiate production again, which will help to ultimately reduce delivery delays.
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