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Z51 vs Porsche Cayman GT4

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  • Z51 vs Porsche Cayman GT4

    How the Corvette Z51 Was Faster (Once) Around One Track Than a Porsche Cayman GT4

    For a single glorious lap, the entry-level Corvette with a performance package takes down a street-legal Porsche track car.

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    It seems every month or two we revisit in a thread the need for MagRide shocks or not. Perhaps this will preempt that happening again;

    "Going out for a few laps in each car myself, it was readily apparent what Randy was talking about. The Porsche's pedal went stiff when the bumpy track caused the ABS to engage, and the car stopped decelerating quite as hard as it had been up to that point. The Corvette, likely with help from its brilliant magnetorheological shock absorbers, didn't mind the bumps at all and gave the exact same stopping power all the way into ABS."

    Not just for the racetrack. Lots of bumpy roads especially in the northeast, and when you need to brake hard for an emergency of some sort, this will potentially save your bacon.


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      So put some Cup 2 tires on the C8…….problem solved.
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        I expected a simple tire upgrade would extend the lead more and for a number of laps.

        gM corvette engineers are the best.

        porsche engineers are excellent as well.


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          How good are the Corvettes mag ride shocks? For years before Ferrari invented their own when they got tired of buying them from GM, every Ferrari came with GM’s mag ride shocks. Aston Martin still buys GM’s mag ride shocks.
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