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Flat vs Cross Plane Crank - everything you need to know.....and more

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  • Flat vs Cross Plane Crank - everything you need to know.....and more

    Stumbled across this super-cool video....before watching it I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the differences between FPC's and CPC' I have a VERY good grasp 😀.
    The presenter does a really good job of describing some complex engineering concepts that I didn't even know existed......and a "bonus" of the video is a comparison with the Mustang's Voodoo FPC...very interesting stuff.

    CROSS-plane vs FLAT-plane V8: Corvette C7 Z06 vs C8 Z06 vs GT350 Mustang - Engine balance DEEP DIVE - YouTube

    P.S. just look past a few "errors" where there's a few times the LT2 is shown instead of the LT6

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    I like that video. It is very informative. I hope you put in in your Master Z06 video thread (if you have not already). For those yet to find your master video thread, which is sticky’d, here it is for there are so many good videos within it. Great please for all members to add in future ones too.

    Thank you.

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