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GM survey on electric Corvette

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  • GM survey on electric Corvette

    How many others received an invitation to a survey where GM was asking questions on an electric sport vehicle (later identified as Corvette)? It looks like some options/services may be offered as subscriptions ( racetrack checklist, stealth mode, performance optimization).
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    I got it but didn't open it and deleted it. It might still be in my delete file.


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      I received and answered it.
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        I received a survey asking about a variety of subscription services subsequent to the car purchase.
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          I'd go back to a horse before I bought any electric car! Tomg


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            Originally posted by Tomg View Post
            I'd go back to a horse before I bought any electric car! Tomg
            🤣. Don’t forget to select the **** Pouch Option, maybe Borla can install it as an ad-on.

            Anyway, I also got but since I don’t plan on getting another Vette, I didn’t bother to complete it.
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              Got it and was happy to help GM out with the survey.
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                Just took it. I think the OTA updates for features are a great idea, particularly the stealth mode one could control from their phone. I also thought that an odd question on a survey about an electric vehicle, why would I need a way to make it start quietly so as not to disturb my neighbors?

                I think we may see some of those updates come to our cars... I would absolutely pay for the manuever coach, the interactive track checklist, the upgraded PDR integration, and even the stealth mode.
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                Well worth the wait, the car is amazing!


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                  I just took the survey and only the PDR would be of interest to me. Most of that **** is being offered BECUASE they can offer it, not because we NEED it. I still remember the feeling of freedom getting on my motorcycle in 1980 on a Sunday morning and just riding for hundreds of miles just to see where a road untraveled went to. I didn't have a cell phone, or a GPS, or any apps, or any satellite connection. I had my own God given sense of direction and somehow I always made it home. If I need a maneuver coach I'll go to an empty parking lot and practice. The biggest turn off to me is a constant barnacle on the ship of monthly subscriptions, HARD PASS. You get enough $5 here and $12 there and calculate it out over years and you end up spending thousands for a bunch of fluff you don't need. I did say I wouldn't consider an EV at all.


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                    I got it. I could see a couple of the features as subscription items, since they indicated you could subscribe for a month at a time. For someone who might track their car once or twice a year, the ability to optimize the electronics for that use for one month might be useful.

                    On item I thought was interesting, since we've had people ask how they can make the car quieter on startup, was an option to do just that. But that feature should simply be offered as an OTA to everybody, and not something you have to pay for. Or at least not pay more than $5 for. If they can program the car to start with the valves closed, they should just do it, and not try to milk us of every nickle and dime.
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                      Man, I did not receive the survey. I just became aware of this from an article on Muscle Cars & Trucks where they referenced MECF.

                      I would have loved to participate in their survey.
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                        I didn’t get it but if I do I’ll be sure to answer it. And just for the record on a scale of 1 to 10 my interest in an EV Corvette or any electric sports car for that matter is a -100. They can keep it. I might sign up for an ev suv luxury of sorts down the line when you can run up to any gas ( I mean charging station) as easy as you can get gas now and charge up on 5-10 minutes but for a fun weekend toy. God no. After the bang whiz Jesus I have 100000 hp and 0-60 in.08 secs wears off what do you have left? No heart no soul no sound no shifting? Nothing. Pretty soon they will tell you you’re too dumb to drive and you aren’t allowed to take control because the ai in smarter than you.

                        uhh ya have fun with that bull**** future.


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                          Can’t wait to buy an electric Vette. Will park it next to my C8 Stingray.

                          As for sound, some days I want it loud (just added AWE Track Exhaust to the Stingray). Some days I like no sound at all… I sure hope GM does not add fake engine sound to their EVs… or if they do that you can switch it off.
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                            I go it and responded. Not a fan of electrics.


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                              I got it but it was only two questions regarding how likely I would get an EV and if I planned on buying a car in the next couple years. I thought it was odd that after they declare they’re going all EV they ask their customers if they would even buy the products they already committed to. Market studies should be done before you commit to a new product,

                              Hard pass on a EV Corvette and even harder pass on a subscription of any kind. If my car already has the hardware for something, I’m **** sure not paying somebody $X per money to use it.

                              GM should take note that they have a waitlist for the their gas powered Vette and every EV they’ve made has been a flop. Just saying: