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New C8 Corvettes Catch Fire on a Jack Cooper Transporter

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  • New C8 Corvettes Catch Fire on a Jack Cooper Transporter

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    We knew that the new C8 Corvettes were hot, but we didn’t think that the high demand would cause them to literally catch on fire!

    A video posted to the C8 Corvette Owners (and Friends) Facebook Page show firefighters attempting to put out a fire that occurred on a Jack Cooper auto transport carrying a load of brand new Corvettes to dealers. The fire was said to have occurred in the early morning hours about 15-30 minutes north of Nashville, Tennessee. As the Bowling Green Assembly Plant is just an hour north of Nashville, it looks like the transport didn’t make it far before the flames started.

    The originator of the video is named Corieblue Fickes and he says he stuck around until molten cars started flying around. We do see some mini explosions in the video that sent debris flying through the air.

    As each Jack Cooper transport can carry up to 10 new Corvettes at a time, we have to believe this loss for General Motors is estimated to be around $900,000 if all 10 Corvettes were lost in the fire.

    But the good news according to one poster on the Corvette Facebook page is that they will now be offered at just $5K over MSRP! Just kidding of course, but we do know there are going to be some sad people out there today whose wait for a new C8 just got longer.

    Check out the video here, and fyi, there is a bit of salty language as the OP watches the Corvettes burn. Hit the full-screen link on the video to enlarge it:

    Our friend Adam Ellison sent us three photos showing the aftermath of the fire and it looks like that just the first trailer section of new C8 Corvettes were lost. So maybe some good news here after all!

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    Wow! I really feel for those that lost their cars before they even received them!
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      Wow that's really something. Hope the future owners can get some kind of special attention for the production of their replacement car. Looks like the entire load is destroyed. Sad, and heart breaking for the intended customers!


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        That is so sad, Ditto what CorvetteBlogger and Meldeoon noted. Imagine you hade waited 12 months for your order to be picked up and be made, and it was heading your way, going to be at your dealership for you to pick up in three days and now this.

        So, so sorry for those future would-be owners.
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          Wow! That`s such a bummer! Feel really bad for those who were waiting for their vette. I`m actually a little nervous because mine was built last week 9/27/2021 and I`m waiting for mine to be delivered to West Michigan! Looks like the carrier was headed south not north.


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            Just awful! GM should put these owners at the top of the list with the highest priority!


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              It's been 13 months since I sent in a deposit and my car is scheduled to be built in 2 weeks. It's been a long haul, but I'd be thrilled to see GM sequence the build for those destroyed cars ahead of mine. Talk about a gut punch!
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                So sorry for the owners of these Vettes. Hope GM makes good real fast.


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                  I wonder how/where it started.


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                    Looking at the extent of damage it looks like it actually may have started in the truck itself , I hope the driver is all good


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                      It appears to me the fire started near or in the engine compartment of the truck based on the photos and video. One indicator is where the fire started is where is the most damage is and that appears to be the engine compartment. Very sad to see this one.


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                        I would think GM would juggle production to get replacements built ASAP. I know there have been questions about whether radiator grills would cause the car to overheat, but this is ridiculous......

                        Hopefully GM isn't re-purposing Bolt Lithium batteries in the 2022 C8!
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                          This is an awful situation. My heart goes out to those owners. How would GM handle something like this with those consumers?
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                            Surprising how combustible those cars are. Nothing left of the bodywork.


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                              Looks like Hollywood won't be calling these yahoos for any Freelance Videographers work 😋

                              Sorry, the first thing I notice was what I couldn't see in the Video.

                              Sad, but I'd like to think GM will make it all good for it's Customers
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