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POLL: Z51 For Your C8 Or Not

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  • POLL: Z51 For Your C8 Or Not

    Obviously, we need to make major assumptions at this time, for we do not have the confirmation as to what the ME’s Z51 package would or would not entail. However based on the leaked specs, and if you believe them, there would be a Z51 option as shown on the leaked order sheets (thanks to NBVette4U).


    Since there are at least some C7 to C8 parallels, let us first re-look at what the first year, 2014 C7’s Z51 package had as its components.

    Performance brakes, special front and rear wheels and tires, black calipers, slotted rotors, dry sump oiling, upgraded suspension, electronic limited slip differential with cooler, performance gear ratios, and an aero package (consisting of at least its full-with rear fascia spoiler).

    Tadge was asked if the C7’s rear spoiler could be deleted on a C7 Z51, and his response was, “yes, it can be physically removed, but not recommended” (or words to that effect).

    A major assumption of this poll, is that the C8 Z51 would also have a a full-width spoiler as its core component (one that can not be easily removed).

    However, it is believed, again without confirmation, that the entry 2020 C8 would have no spoiler, or a smallish spoiler — as in this picture.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DF85E9ED-0298-46B7-8678-98D60FE2496D.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	114.6 KB ID:	30763

    Again for this poll it is assumed that 2020 C8 Z51 Stingray would have the below winged spoiler — though it would probably be slimed down without its camo. [Note please, however that there is an option below you could select which states that while the Z51 spoiler would be a significant alternative one, it would not in your opinion, have the winged spoiler.]

    Click image for larger version  Name:	620424FD-059D-42D0-BF11-F7F025D9CDC4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	71.4 KB ID:	30764

    Based on what we think we might know, and the assumption that the Z51 would have a non removable spoiler (without a hack saw or equivalent), please vote as to whether you would or would not be order the Z51 based on what you know today.
    With that or similar winged spoiler, I would still order the Z51 package.
    With that winged spoiler, that alone would kill the Z51 option for me.
    The Z51 would have a significant spoiler, but not the winged one, and then would get it.
    Regardless of winged spoiler or not, no Z51 package for me.
    I would order the Z51 with that winged spoiler, then have my body shop remove it nicely.
    Do not know; have to see the revealed C8 both with and without the winged spoiler first.
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    No Z51 package for me. I don't need it. No tracking. Slotted rotors create lotsa brake dust compared to smooth rotors. Dry sump challenges. Stiffer suspension. Same engine, same transmission.

    Didn't get the Z51 on my C7 and no regrets. As I said back in 2014 that if they had called the C7 Z51 package the "Track Package" half the folks that got it probably would not have.


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      All of my Corvettes except one C4 (wad the then-new adjustable shocks) have had Z51, but the large spoiler on the C7 and C8 (maybe) would probably force me to avoid it. Since I no longer autocross, nor do I have any fun roads to drive on routinely, I do not need it (heck, I do not need a Corvette). I would hope Chevy would somehow make the spoiler a stand-alone option for those that want it (with or without Z51), but we shall see ....


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        Time will tell for me, I hope the design and engineers don’t put that hideous spoiler on the car. I want the best performance version that is offered. I can always have it removed and plugged or have an aftermarket version added or designed. Who knows what the finished fin will look like, hopefully, it’s better than the mules testing.
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          I agreed fully. We need something better than this. Hopefully GM told its excellent designer with great aero expertise, Kirk Binnion, to “design two spoilers that have the same aero consequences, one as hideous as you can, the other one we will first show at the reveal (though we will test it at Milford Proving Grounds and at our Yuma facility in secret until then”).

          If not, we have an ace in the hole, ACS Composite, who will design one that will fit using the OEM mounting holes in the top of the fascia, e.g., one that looks great and functions really well.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	E716306A-93C6-4284-B6A2-50FFF82E4E27.jpeg
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ID:	30786
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            Thanks to Glen E (whom we all learned so much from when the C7 came out, and who is still a member of Autopia and Autogeek), we have these pictures of the LPO 2014 Stingray Z51 optional wing. Do you suppose when the C8’s massively camo’d winged spoiler goes naked, it would look a lot like the C7’s winged one?

            Click image for larger version  Name:	408FEE21-6D9A-4AC3-A9B5-73FF839FB760.jpeg Views:	23 Size:	1.06 MB ID:	30793

            Click image for larger version  Name:	DA78C138-9ABF-433B-BCC8-919AB500C5BA.jpeg Views:	21 Size:	1.63 MB ID:	30794
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	E42C47D7-11CD-43BA-93C9-40ED9BCF870A.jpeg
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Size:	181.2 KB
ID:	30796

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                Z51 in my opinion would be a must have. I lime the heavy duty suspension and cooling. I believe its integral for even greater durability even for only street driving.

                i dont care for the spy shots with that massive rear spoiler just not a fan yet I beleive z51 takes priority over having to get that rear wing...whether or not I would have it removed after a purchase...if possible i would have it removed as shown...
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                  All C7 spoilers, and guessing that this would be the case for the C8’s, are attached first by a BGA $1.1M million stamping machine punching holes vertically into the top of the rear fascia (that roughly 3/4” ledge). Then attaching studs are installed As is obvious, if a factory spoiler were removed, then the fascia’s holes have to be filled unless the replacement spoiler covered them; of course, that new spoiler would then need a different attachment system. Perhaps an understated replacement spoiler by an aftermarket company which uses the identical hole spacing and stud diameter size would be a clean and simple replacement procedure. Thankfully, ACS Composite’s spoilers use the identical hole diameter and spacing as does GM to make installing their spoilers a very easy process. I am guessing that other top quality aftermarkets do likewise.

                  MECF member Stevera2 installed a ready attractive ACS spoiler on his C7. If the winged spoiler we have been seeing is our only Z51 option, I am sure ACS would come through for us — giving us at least one nice choice.
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                    I don't know yet. I don't really need it.


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                      Better braking is a must and even if only needed once in the life of the vehicle, could possibly save you or others from a serious incident. I would hope that the Z51 package would include better cooling for the engine as well as the differential and an added or larger transmission cooler as well would be preferred. I have added the additional coolers to my vehicles as I live in a tropical climate and often get troubled with traffic jams which will increase engine and transmission temperatures even though I may never track the vehicle. I know and honestly feel the slight added expense is well worth the price of admission. I am also a retired certified automotive mechanic. As far as the rear winged spoiler goes I love it and feel it matches the appearance of the car and am also sure GM has done their due diligence in the wind tunnel to make it as efficient and effective as possible even if I never track the vehicle, I would love to have it. I would order it at an additional cost even if it were not included in the package Hopefully the Magnetic Ride Control would be available with it as I have a CTS-V with Mag-rRide and absolutely love it. you can adjust the suspension for a comfy ride or tighten it up and it surely is an amazing feature.
                      Magnetic Suspension - Magnetic Ride Control
                      Magnetic Suspension or magnetic ride control is a type of suspension system where the shock absorbers reacts to the road and adjusts much faster than regular absorbers.
                      Magnetic suspension can adapt to uneven road surfaces several hundred times per second, in fact it takes only a few milliseconds to adjust any one of the shock absorbers.

                      Magnetic suspension is described as the fastest reacting suspension in the world as sensors monitor the road surface up to 1000 times per second and an ECU can make variations within a few milliseconds resulting in the possibility of multiple damping variations being made in a second.
                      Magnetic ride control uses a system known as magneto rheological technology for suspension damping. Each absorber is filled with a polymer liquid containing many small magnetic particles.
                      An electrical charge is sent to the liquid in the absorber which immediately changes the position of the particles in the liquid and its viscosity.
                      The viscosity of the polymer liquid can be changed to an almost solid state similar to plastic or rubber in composition. As the viscosity of the liquid changes, it offers a difference in the damping.
                      Each of the four dampers are adjusted individually and independently even when it seems that all of them are doing the same thing. This ensures a comfortable ride along various road surfaces.
                      Magnetic suspension reduces vibrations, bouncing, noise and body roll very effectively on all road surfaces and at any speed that the vehicle could travel. The reduction of body roll may reduce the need for anti roll bars.
                      Another benefit is that these dampers easily offers the best of both worlds in the ride comfort/handling compromise that many other suspension systems are subjected to. Although this type of suspension offers a very comfortable ride, sport settings can be applied or tuned into the system to cater for performance vehicles.
                      The Cadillac CTS-V uses magnetic suspension/magnetic ride control and has earned the respect of many for its ride comfort/handling compromise as much as its powerful engine.
                      Magnetic dampers are designed with similar dimensions and connection points to other types of dampers so they are usually attached to the chassis of the vehicle similar to how a coil spring suspension would.
                      Magnetic suspension or magnetic ride control is used by a range of Cadillac vehicles and several other high end vehicles from General Motors (GM) like the Chevrolet Corvette.
                      Other companies, such as Ferrari and Audi are also known to use magnetic suspension in their vehicles. Ferrari uses them in most of their vehicles and Audi uses them in the TT and their supercar, the R8.
                      Whether the magnetic suspension is soft for comfort or firm for performance it maintains the quick reaction time to change the damping immediately when required.
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                        Mrc z51 paclages listed as FE4 is money well spent. Im mnot a fan of the styling of the rear spoiler in the disguised photos but the sketches looks more harmonious.

                        the official release cant come soon enough.
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                          Originally posted by Frenzy36 View Post
                          As far as the rear winged spoiler goes I love it and feel it matches the appearance of the car and am also sure GM has done their due diligence in the wind tunnel to make it as efficient and effective as possible even if I never track the vehicle, I would love to have it.
                          I too think the rear spoiler is fine. I also think an underlying "crowd driven" bias has developed against it. With six choices, this poll currently shows over 46% of respondents "would still order the Z51 package" with that spoiler. That doesn't indicate much objection to the spoiler.

                          Perhaps most folks feel as you and I do about the spoiler. Maybe there should be less shaming of it.
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                            I don't think the wing is a major issue to me, it's more brakes or cooling or other features offered that would make me opt for it. Wing would have to be grossly ugly to make me back off.
                            There is a madness to my method!

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                              Generally, without reviewing all the proposed specifics, I find that the Z51 package meets my target in terms of performance upgrades, without going over to "boy racer" overkill of the Grand Sport (just my opinion, don't mean to offend anyone. Difference of opinions and preferences is what makes the world go around). If I were to order a C8 and Z51 were an option, I would check the box.