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Corvette Today Podcast With Morgan Crosbie: A Canadian Perspective

Corvettes are sold all around the world.  But on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, you'll get a Corvette perspective based upon "The Great White North.”
Morgan Crosbie is a Corvette Specialist at Finch Chevrolet in London, Ontario, Canada.  Morgan talks with your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, and tells you what it's like to buy and sell Corvettes in Canada.
You'll also learn about Morgan's hugely successful YouTube channel, Cars and Crosbie along with all his other social media where he posts Corvette content. Get the Canadian view of Corvette on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

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Help Me Select My New Wheels

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    Being you asked - I never cared for black wheels - I feel they've outlived their stylish impact.

    I think the black/white wheels go better with the white car.

    Both are great looking wheels - you can't go wrong with either one.


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      Here’s what black/white looks like up close on a Ferrari 488 GTB / Bianco Italia
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        I generally go with black, but the wheels in the first pic look pretty darn nice too. You can’t go wrong with either.


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          I figured I'd vote for the all black right away, but after looking a few more times with that car, the white/black seem the way to go.
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            Is there a 3rd option? I hate only 2 choices.

            Is that white or just brushed metal? White will get DIRTY! But looks so GOOD!
            Black is just blah in the photo.

            Will you wrap the car? Dip it? Change the color?

            My personal fav is a satin finish, maybe gunmetal gray, but you have a black and white car, so a two-tone black with red?
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              Here’s a video of the Ferrari I found. These are the exact same wheels as the black/white option.


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                1st photo with black and white. I think the white will standout nicely when the wheel is spinning. The black wheel will disappear.


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                  Black/White. I had black wheels on my C7 and I am totally done with black wheels.


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                    Here’s the choices again so you all don’t have to back pedal.
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                      Very dramatic video with a techno music theme. Maybe Im a little behind the times as change is sometimes challenging to accept.

                      while I am beginning to see the techno allure of black barrel and white colored spokes spinning... You would be quite adventurous to go that way.

                      im not that adventurous myself when it comes to wheels although over time you could always have the spokes repainted black if you changed your mind.

                      id imagine for six hundred dollars any wheel repair shop could do the job.

                      its hard to say what these wheels would look like in person. They are both nice.

                      I think with the video and the various photos you are leaning heavily towards the white spoked version.

                      go for it ...and get that song for your arrival at various events. I bet the bystanders would be in awe.

                      let us know what you decide. Not inexpensive rims Im sure.

                      what heck be adventurous, its only money! Have fun.


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                        Here’s the Strasse black SM5R’s on different colored C8’s. Couldn’t find an Artic White.
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                          Last call. Thanks.


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                            As you asked, I prefer the shinier ones myself. But both look really good! Perhaps buy a set of each, rotating monthly.
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                              Well, I think black wheels have been done to death by now. I say that being a CF five spoke owner. I have to say that the machined edge made the difference in why I chose that wheel. Black wheels just disappear to me. I'd go with the white spokes or even something a little tamer, like a subtle grey chrome look, or black ice color.


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                                Black is popular...I have black.....But those brushed are sweet....They really make the car pop