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Ten Words Maximum Or POTM’s Disqualified

Every single month people are forgetting how to count to ten — the maximum amount of words in our POTM contest. So starting tomorrow, if your entry exceeds 10 words, it would be DISQUALIFIED for the month. No “re-do’s,” edits. nor substitutions afterward.
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GM refiles Zora trademark according to Autoline Network

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  • GM refiles Zora trademark according to Autoline Network

    Looks like we are getting a Zora.

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    I think that the top of tree Corvette called Zora is fine.


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      Here is the Autoline link for those to wish to listen to that (starting at 1:51) , as well as more C8 discussion shortly after that:

      However, if you watched last week’s extensive session with Don Sherman, Peter DeLorenzo and more, nothing new at the link.
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        They filed for this in 2014 but failed to submit proper paperwork (Statement of Use) and was never registered. In 2018 they re-submitted with the statement of use as "Motor Vehicle" or some other legal description for a car.


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          Did some googling...

          Found this was posted here in August on

          Motor1 - mentions

          Dupont Registry Blog - mentions

          There were plenty of other examples, but the take away is that it looks like people/media are watching and paying attention to what's going on here at
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            I'm SHOULD be a Zora!
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