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  • C8 Emblem Design

    Why does the C8’s emblem look the way it does?

    Clearly design is the key. As we believe the emblem would again be partially recessed as the C7’s is, its aero component differences
    compared to the C7’s are so minuscule as to be nearly impossible to measure.

    Chazcron’s latest C8 emblem-on-hood rendering:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	3AE6FAF4-38B1-425A-A460-2364181D4904.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	57.5 KB ID:	25956

    First, thanks to Corvette_Nut, a comparison of the C8’s versus the C7’s emblem.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E457252A-0328-419A-BC3E-8D5AA97C3C10.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	80.1 KB ID:	25955

    Yesterday’s blacked out one.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	893E42FB-8BA5-4E7F-AD69-6CFCEB23C19E.png Views:	0 Size:	242.0 KB ID:	25954

    Since we saw the first key fob mini emblem a couple of months ago, I have been wondering why the C8’s emblem looks like it does. From the outset I was thinking of its change as primarily a design created to best fit the front of the car’s shape and flow. I am not the only one to ask this, for today I saw the following similar thought.

    Originally posted by FrankLP
    Perhaps those (its) angles align better with lines on the C8's frunk and fenders.”
    When I first saw it, it conveyed to me a feeling of more strength compared to the C7’s more aero appearance. As the C8 is expected to be several inches wider in the front that the C7, a more powerful emblem would seem to fit.

    Going back in time when Chief Exterior Designer Kirk Bennion first explained the evolution of the C7’s emblem compared to the C6’s, he talked about it conveying a more aerodynamic feeling, more consistent with speed. The below quote is his exact explanation of why the C7’s emblem angle of the two “wings” were more swept back than the C6’s (thanks to CorvetteBlogger).

    Originally posted by Kirk Bennion: regarding the C7’s crossed flag emblem changes
    “because that design is everywhere on its on the apparel and its in all the advertising. We wanted to give it a little more speed, its got a lot more “V” to it, a lot more gesture, and we really think it typifies the performance of the car.”
    While we wait for the reveal to hear Kirk’s comments on the ME’s emblem, I contacted artist fvs to get his thoughts on the C8’s emblem.

    Originally posted by fvs
    They tightened up the emblem; echoes the C8’s deep hood channels, faster looking; continues the Corvette branding; it’s evolutionary, yet different enough to get your attention; its shape follows the lines of the hood of the car.
    Probably, the C8’s emblem is nothing more important than the emblem fitting visually the front of the car. As unlike the C7’s hood which is longer by far than it is wide, the C8’s much shorter hood might will have a closer to a 1:1 length to width ratio than its predecessor. Thus, might this be part of the C8’s emblem having, as we learned from Skank, a 1:1 height to width ratio?

    IMO, it needs to fit the car, being neither “too indescript” nor being so bold as to too much focus one’s attention on it rather than the front of the car as a whole.

    Thank you fvs for your taking the time to talk to me about it today.
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    Thank you FVS for your analysis.


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      I like the new emblem, I'd like it even better if there was a car under it ... sorry I couldn't resist the opportunity to whine!!


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        Interesting insights on the design of the c8 corvette emblem. Looking good although there are some corvette enthusiasts who would pay extra for emblem delete on the exterior of the vehicles,

        i think if there is a mounting hole it woukd be impossible to accomodate that upcharge option.

        i think porsche charges 300 dollars for emblem delete but it could be more,
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          Maybe, since we are hearing C8 option pricing will be more like the Porsche model (though that is not yet confirmed), how much would you pay for emblem/letter deletes?

          As to the V emblem on the hood and the rear fascia, since they are recessed in the C7, and since GM is known to use the same machinery/processes as long as they can to save money, we might again not have a delete option for either of those locations. If we do, it could only be the Corvette letters on the rear fascia — which as many of us know from having done so, is a very simple delete.
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            I personally like the emblems and don't think they overwhelm the C7. Understand differences make the world go-around, but I wouldn't delete the emblems.


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              Here is a good shot of how the front V emblem is recessed on the C7. The rear fascia emblem is similarly recessed.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	654E77F4-FCA7-472E-A89B-544E2110CE1F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	57.4 KB ID:	26061
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                I'll keep my emblems. I like them.


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                  Being an “old school” guy, I’d gladly pay extra to get less. ?. Back in the day, it would be considered “nosed and decked” if you removed emblems/ornaments front and rear. I removed the CORVETTE script the day I got my C7 home. Not that I dislike the brand but, I really like smooth and clean. Also removal makes cleaning and polishing so much easier.?. The “flag” recesses in the body makes them, on the C7, IMHO not removable.