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C8 Caught In The Wild Testing! Best 7 ME Videos! Inside BGA : Jagamajajaran’s Video

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2019 Grand Sport Drivers Series Officially Revealed Tomorrow. LIst of C8 Poential Patents. Considerations In Modeling The C8

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Site Maintenance Starts @ 5:00 PM Today

Yesterday’s massive software update resulted in 3 things needing help. Some already corrected. Today we get up to a one hour maintenance/update time out.
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To keep our forum growing with the latest software, it was just upgraded. LIke all changes, our goal is for 100% success, but sometimes only 99% is achieved. If you notice that 1%, please start a thread entitled “Software Upgrade Difference. “ Thank you for within it describing what was different, worked better or not as well. Thank you.
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A good answer to the giant blind spot problem

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    Very interesting. I didn't know the feds had granted any waivers to the rear view mirror requirement. Given how rapidly the bureaucracy moves, they ought to get around to legalizing cameras for regular production vehicle by about 2028.

    Oh, one more thing. Regarding lightningbolt's comment about state laws overriding the feds, the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) preempt any state laws that conflict, with a very few exceptions. The only exception I can recall off the top of my head is for government owned vehicles, like police cars of fleet vehicles, where states can require additional equipment, as long as it doesn't conflict with or attempt to overrule the FMVSS.

    So a state can require police cars to have additional reflective surface, for example, but they can't make you do that to your private vehicle. An example where state laws conflict with the FMVSS is tail lights. Many states have a law requiring red taillight lenses. But the Feds allow red LED taillights with clear lenses, so the conflicting state laws are overridden and unenforceable in that case.
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      Originally posted by John View Post
      What an exciting project you have been a part of! More than cool. I have been reading about it.
      Thanks for the kind words, John. Yeah, that was a fun rig to drive around the country as one could imagine.

      The StarShip rig is like a two story C7! The only problem with it is, of course, is that the engine is in the FRONT!
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        Originally posted by meyerweb View Post
        Very interesting. I didn't know the feds had granted any waivers to the rear view mirror requirement.
        Here is the blanket waiver, in effect for just a few weeks now.


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          Surprised that nobody has mentioned that you can adjust your side mirrors so there are no blind spots. I discovered this on a car related TV show about 20 years ago where they showed how to do it.