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POLL: ME Museum Delivery For You?

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  • POLL: ME Museum Delivery For You?

    Assume your ME comes at a time of the year that you are comfortable driving your new car home, are you considering Museum Delivery?

    Here’s some basic information for those who considering choosing this factory delivery option (R8C).

    1) It is an extra $995 charge, requires you to receive it at the National Corvette Museum;
    2) It must be selected at the time you initially place your order;
    3) You may have a total of four present at the delivery (including yourself); it includes BGA* and museum tours.
    4) Over 10,000 Museum Deliveries have occurred.
    5) There’s an experienced shop less than an hour away that could XPEL it before you drive home.

    Here’s the program details:

    *As soon as BGA is re-opened to public tours.
    I have R8C and would like to do it again for my ME.
    I have not done R8C, but would like to get my C8 that way.
    Museum Delivery is something I would consider, but now maybe around 50/50.
    Would consider R8C, but now about 1 in 3 chance.
    Definitely not my chosen ME delivery method.
    Can not begin to decide (even assuming weather fully cooperates).
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    It's less than a 4 hour drive to BGA so that's where I'll be picking mine up from , then 5) the experienced shop ... Click image for larger version

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    A thought if I might ...


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      Another option that many use is to take delivery and then have the car shipped to their home. This takes the winter weather out of the equation.
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        While I likely won't be doing Museum Delivery, I certainly want to do the Buyer's tour and actually see cars being made in the plant. I will likely have the car shipped home or a local dealer, if I don't end up buying from an out of state volume dealer that is. Then it's off to the XPel installer.


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          I have done it twice. Wouldn’t do it any other way! Where is that shop?


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            This will be my first Corvette with Museum Delivery.

            It's about a 6 hour drive highway for me to BG, and a bit longer using the back-roads that I'll take to enhance the break-in process.

            So, I plan to make a day of it.
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              Originally posted by Shrike6 View Post
              I have done it twice. Wouldn’t do it any other way! Where is that shop?
              [Quote=Noxqq]Xpel installation close to NCM, I highly recommend Rudy @ Auto Armor in Mt. Juliet, TN. About an hour from Bowling Green, he did a phenomenal job on Xpel AND window tinting! He properly prepped the car and did a flawless installation. Though not cheap, for this work, you get what you pay for with Rudy.

              Noxqq had their new Z06 done last fall, so this is a recent review. Anyone coming to the BASH, they and their Z06 will be there.

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                Originally posted by Sigmon View Post
                While I likely won't be doing Museum Delivery, I certainly want to do the Buyer's tour and actually see cars being made in the plant. I will likely have the car shipped home or a local dealer, if I don't end up buying from an out of state volume dealer that is. Then it's off to the XPel installer.
                The Buyers Tour is my single favorite thing about getting a new Corvette. A couple of us have shared with Kai in the last few months that we will wait until the Buyers Tour is offered before getting our next Corvette (of course not once mentioning anything about a C8).

                Since timing is an issue with it, it can float backwards and forwards a few days, the challenges of making it occur at a reasonable price are considerable, but last time I went to BG days earlier than it was projected to start, and scheduled staying a couple of days after it was scheduled to end, and made it happen easily. Cost be ****ed, for their will be a Buyers Tour for my C8.

                Two or now up to 2 1/2 days of walking down the assembly line with one friend and your personalized tour guide with you the entire time as you watch your car be made sometimes literally five feet away from you, and often the assembly workers coming over for a very short visit after they complete working on your car, truly priceless!

                Originally posted by NCM
                BUYERS’ TOUR

                **The Corvette Buyers Tour is temporarily unavailable. Tours of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant are closed and a date of reopening has not been determined. Please subscribe to NCM eNews for future updates.**

                We are excited to be able to offer the Corvette Buyer’s Plant Tour in conjunction with the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant! This program is offered to provide new Corvette buyer’s with a tour of the Assembly Plant.

                See and experience the assembly of America’s Sports Car with your very own personal tour guide. You and 1 guest can enjoy a private tour of the Plant to see many areas not included on the general Plant tour. Your tour guide will provide information at the paint areas, body start area, installation of seats, doors, trunk, steering wheel, airbags, engine, etc. in addition to the general tour stops such as the marriage point, first start, end of line, DVT and water testing.

                Unforeseen events that may increase or decrease production time could affect the original projected start and/or finish time of the build.

                Cost: The cost of the Corvette Buyer’s Plant Tour experience is $800.00 and is payable on-line upon registration below. You must have an order number from your dealer before you can sign up for this tour.

                What to Expect: After you have registered and paid the $800.00 fee, the NCM will monitor your car’s order number status.

                Depending on when you sign up for this program, we’ll try to give approximately 10 days notice prior to your car’s build date. You will be contacted by a representative of the Museum to provide you with the estimated build date. At this time you can make travel arrangements. It is recommended that you purchase refundable airline tickets if you intend to fly, as the scheduled date may change due to unforeseen events that may increase or decrease production line rates.

                Day of the Tour: You will be scheduled for a tour date and time. Please note that the plant operates from 6:12am Central Time to 4:42pm Central Time. You may need to arrive the day prior to your tour if you are scheduled for an early morning tour. Production schedule Monday through Friday, production days and hours may vary. The Regular plant hours are 6:12am to 4:42pm.

                The NCM representative will contact you if there are any changes to your scheduled date or time. It is very important that we are provided with a cell phone number in order to reach you on short notice or after your arrival to Bowling Green.

                No Guarantee: It is the desire of the Museum and the Assembly Plant that your tour experience enables you to see your new Corvette during your visit, but we cannot guarantee this as part of the program. The National Corvette Museum and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will not be responsible for any costs you incur for this tour whether you see your car or not. You will not be entitled to a refund if you do not see your car, but we do promise that you will receive a memorable tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant.

                What to Wear/What to Bring: Closed toe shoes (no sandals) are a requirement for all visitors. No cameras, backpacks, purses, fanny packs, cell phones or other packages or containers may be brought into the plant except by special request (for medical reasons, etc.). All rules must be adhered to or tour will be terminated with no refund.

                Age Restrictions: Children must be ten years of age or older.

                Guests: You may bring 1 additional guest at no charge. A maximum of 2 people may go on the Corvette Buyer’s Tour.

                Advanced Registration: At least a 10 day advanced registration is required before the car starts being built.

                R8C Museum Delivery Program: The Corvette Buyer’s Tour Program is NOT part of the R8C Museum Delivery Program. Museum Delivery Option R8C is totally separate and ordered through your Corvette Dealer at the time the order for your new Corvette is placed. If you purchased Museum Delivery Option R8C, you may also participate in the Corvette Buyers Tour by signing up through the link below. The additional fee required to participate in the Buyers Tour is $800.00 – this fee is in addition to the Museum Delivery Program fee. Please note that to participate in both programs will require two different trips to Bowling Green.

                Corvette Photo Album: The Corvette Photo Album Program is NOT part of the R8C Delivery Program or the Corvette Buyers’ Tour Program, however – we do offer a discount if both the Buyers’ Tour and Photo Album are purchased jointly.

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                  No. Only because... Mike Furman is near my home town and I still have many close friends there. I want to:
                  - fly home
                  - take delivery
                  - spend some time with some great old friends
                  - show off my new ride
                  - eat a crab cake and some steamed crabs
                  - show off my new ride
                  - light up 95 all the way home to FL!


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                    Sounds like a great trip. Might have to add a day or two to your typical ride home drive time. A couple we know who did a Museum Delivery, who got one of the earlier C7’s found out that, as I earlier warned them before the left PNW to get theirs, they needed to plan on a much longer drive home. I remember suggesting them that every gas stop would not take 10 minutes but at least twice that as folks could come over, wanted to take pictures, ask a bunch of questions about their beauty.

                    They contacted me after they got home and confirmed my suspicions, noting “that for the first time in our lives, we felt like rock stars, the center of attention every single time we stopped, and even while we were driving so many would pull alongside of us to take picture after picture.”

                    Maybe you should plan a two week drive home LOL.
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                      I'll take that under advisement


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                        Museum delivery is a maybe, but after going with a friend to get his C7 at the museum it's far from the top of the list.

                        The buyers tour, on the other hand, is something I will most likely spring for next time around. Not doing it for the C7 (I didn't even know it existed) is my only regret about buying my car.
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