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  • Mid Engine Corvette Forum Gathering

    I'm thinking that that the members of this forum might want to consider a Mid Engine Forum Bash. Following the release of the Mid Engine model, and also that of whomever is lucky enough to acquire one in the first year, perhaps a gathering someplace picturesque and comfortable would be in order? And comments or ideas?

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    I like the idea, and if I might suggest one place that some of us would already be at, the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum — which is this August 28-31st, immediately following 6,000+ Corvettes arriving at Bowling Green at end of this August’s National Corvette Caravan.

    Downsides to this suggestion include that no one will have their ME, and that it is part of another event. Upsides includes that all attending (and I believe the highest cost level for the event is $50/person), is that Tadge, Harland, Kirk, Kai and about 50 more GM employees with be there to make presentation to on the car, to talk with, sometimes 1-to-1, so for all considering getting an ME, they could have the best opportunity to ask questions of (exception, not a single question about a Z06, ZORA or later model would be on the table). Another downside to this is that many will already have been on the road, away from home for up to ten days.

    Kentucky is beautiful. Backroads are terrific. Definitively not married to this idea — just throwing it out for consideration among many alternatives.
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