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Keith Cornett & Steve Garrett Present The Latest C8 News

We are thrilled to say that this podcast begins year #2 for CORVETTE TODAY!  Keith Cornett from teams up with your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, to keep you on top of what's going on in the world of Corvette.
Here are some of the topics covered in this podcast:
1.  April 2021 Constraints and Production Update – 11000 orders still to produce
3.  Zeus Bronze and Sebring Orange are now no longer available for order
3.  Corvette is the fastest selling new car for the 3rd month in a row!
4.  Corvette dominates Q1 sales with 51% marketshare
5.  Corvette has highest model loyalty in Luxury Sports Car segment
6. Sportscar 365 says GM Racing will make a decision on LMDH & GTD Pro in 45 days
7.  Digital Paint samples for three new 2022 colors revealed
8.  Tonowanda #1 Team Badges available for sale at Chevy Parts Counter
9.  Corvettes at Carlisle to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ’96 Grand Sport
10.  Supercar Blondie is a fan of the C8 Corvette!
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Easiest/best (?) way paying for your C8

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  • Easiest/best (?) way paying for your C8

    Realizing it might be different from dealership to dealership, does anyone know if the biggest dealerships will let you pay by credit card. I want the miles, so to speak To some this might sound crazy (I dunno) but I did it on a boat with roughly the same price tag.
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    Originally posted by Top Off Action View Post
    Realizing it might be different from dealership to dealership, does anyone know if the biggest dealerships will let you pay by credit card. I want the miles, so to speak To some this might sound crazy (I dunno) but I did it on a boat with roughly the same price tag.
    Good Idea! Most say NO... would love to do it on my Apple Card... no points just cash discount paid the same day. 3% on all Apple products. For the most part CC points are a scam...
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      Maybe do a cash advance on the card and pay the dealer? I’ve done down payments with a CC, but that’s been it. Dealers don’t want to pay the CC fee and I would agree with them!
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        I've only delt with a few dealers and the most they would take on a CC was up to $1000 and it was for deposit on the purchase.


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          I doubt you could pay for the entire car on a credit card. Merchants have to absorb about 3% to Visa or MasterCard, which is why some people who take credit cards impose a surcharge. However, I think you could probably pay for any accessories that can be purchased through the parts department with a CC.

          When I bought my C7 at MacMulkin, I had them handle the paint film application job, and paid for that by CC.

          Of course, when I ultimately buy my C8, I will have about $3000 to apply to the purchase price from my original issue GM Card handled by Capital One.


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            My dealer allows payment by credit for a limited amount of the purchase, like about $2,000. I don't bother. I just write them a personal check for the amount due.


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              A dealer might let you use a credit card for a portion of the cost or down payment, but don't expect to pay for the whole thing with plastic.

              Even if you can use a credit card, expect to pay a fee that raises your costs and offsets the value of any rewards.
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                The last car I bought the dealer let me put $2000 of the price on a card. Criswell also has a $2000 limit. I did put my deposits on a card, so in total I'll get a rebate on $4000. Better than nothing.

                Credit cards cost the vendor money, from 1.5% to 3% of the charge amount. So charging $60,000 would cost the dealer about $900.
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                  My dealer let me put my 5k deposit on my card.


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                    Over the years I've always used credit cards to pay for virtually everything. I've found that on 'big ticket' items, the sellers usually cap the amount they will put against a card because of their cost of using it. I guess if they really want to move some merchandise and their margins allow it, there should be no problem. I don't think that's the case with C8's right now.....
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                      If I were a dealer I would accept credit cards as long as the buyer paid an additional 3%.


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                        Like others, I was allowed a $5,000 credit card amount towards my C8 purchase, similar to other vehicles I've bought. I thought that to be standard but perhaps it depends upon the practice in your area.


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                          Write a check


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                            Bag o cash.

                            People pay for groceries with checks and credit cards. This is the biggest purchase you'll ever make next to a house, probably.

                            So make it an occasion where you plop a small duffel on the desk, zip it open and display stacks of cold hard cash. "Is cash acceptable"?😃

                            Just make sure to use small bills as $85K looks pretty small in $100s. $20 bills or less and they'll never forget you at the dealership. Just don't do $1s as someone has to count it all. Twice.

                            Unless you're a drug dealer where else will you ever see all that cash? So stroll in on delivery day with your best Tony Montana impression and have some fun.😉😎


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                              Good way to get a visit from the IRS!