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Harlan Charles answers YOUR questions on the CORVETTE TODAY podcast.

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    Thanks for opening this up to the floor! Can you ask Harlan on if the HTC welcome kit car models are still happening? I don’t believe we have seen one yet?
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      Any thought to making an option for selecting whether or not to get All Season Tires with the Z-51 package, or sticking with the summer only tires? Perhaps just make tires type a customer choice that they want to order for any of the C8 models. Not everyone ordering a Z51 for several of the other benefits, wants the summer only tires.

      I for one purchased a set of A/S Michelin's for my Z-51 as I enjoy driving it year round......... well, when the roads are free of salt and snow, etc, etc !!! Would have preferred to have just ordered the car with the A/S and saved some hassle.

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        Harlan, are the rumors true that you actually bought a C8 with your own money, that this was first one you bought yourself for a line time. If so what inspired to buy your first one in many years when you get to drive the latest one helping GM real world test them?
        Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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          Following up on the above question, how did you spec it out?


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            Question: Admittedly, the C8 is a phenom on the roadways. It’s sleekness as it glides down the road is a testament to the foresight and expertise of the design team. Unfortunately, the front cooling fins seem to naturally attract pebbles, gravel, & other road debris, resulting in bends, curls dings and dents to the aesthetic looks of the front end. While I understand that GM has advised that while unsightly, the functionality of the radiators won’t be affected however, what Im curious about is if GM plans on offering any GM Branded front radiator inlet covers as an accessory, as some aftermarket companies currently manufacture? Or does GM see the aftermarket companies fulfilling that role?
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              Hi Harlan,

              First of all, I’d like to congratulate you and the whole Corvette team for such an outstanding machine.
              This is a total game changer.

              I have questions specifically about the DCT.

              Who was responsible for the invention, design, and programming of the DCT? GM/Chevy or Tremec?

              Will it be tweaked in the future so it becomes one of the best if not the best transmissions in the future, ala the PDK?

              I have noticed the upshifts are slightly faster than downshifts. Any programming to be done in the future to increase the speed and precision of downshifts?

              Thank you and awesome job!


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                Originally posted by John View Post

                “Harlan, Tadge told us that you are the impetus behind the PDR program, for getting it underway. The PDR is so useful and so safe for us all. Thank you!

                Is there another project that you pushed that is part of our C8’s (or our C7’s) that we might now know about your being the impetus behind it?”

                Hi, all!

                Harlan has to get approval first to answer questions (corporate communications rules!), but as a friend who knows that he will NEVER own up to it, I just wanted to jump in here and answer this one off the bat.

                Harlan has been the main impetus for moving to the overall mid-engine framework as he put together a business plan for it some 15-16 years ago during the C6. His vision was quickly understood by Tadge and together they have worked to bring you this car.

                Just like with the PDR, he would never have taken the credit for it, but he deserves it. His heart and soul goes into this car to put not only the options that HE wants when he drives, but to also incorporate any suggestions that you guys have that can be reasonably incorporated. He might seem like a laid-back, mild-mannered Clark Kent, but.....


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                  Thank Wendy, that I actually knew (had dinner with Harlan and a couple of others and Don Sherman brought that up) but wondering if there was/is something else that would be new to us???
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                    Ahh... I will let him answer if he can. Quite a few. If he can't answer in a podcast, I'll try to sneak in a few like the fan girlie friend that I am. 🙋😍


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                      1) How do the Eboost brakes work? Does it have a motorized screw that assists the plunger based on pedal movement?
                      2) How do the different modes alter the behavior of the assist mechanism.
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                        I thought of two more:
                        1. There has been several comments where people have checked the PDR timer and found it to be inaccurate and typically reading quicker than actual elapsed time using GPS (dragy for example). Can you comment on how the PDR timer works and the accuracy of the readouts?
                        2. Does GM plan to come up with a kit that owners or the dealer can use to add an extra two quarts of trans fluid without the need to disassemble the air box assembly and wiring harnesses?
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                          Get ready!!! This podcast launches at 12;01 am Eastern Time on Monday, March's a great listen!
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                            Originally posted by Steve Garrett View Post
                            Get ready!!! This podcast launches at 12;01 am Eastern Time on Monday, March's a great listen!
                            Steve I listened to the Podcast this morning and greatly appreciated you hosting this and having Harlan answer forum questions.

                            I should have realized the questions that I had and several others that had to do with things like concerns about water in the shock towers would not be answered in a forum like this.

                            One question I have is if these questions regarding issues that forum members brought up were at least send to Harlan so he can at least hear what members are asking?

                            Thanks for hosting and doing such a great job.


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                              Thank you so much for providing a 'forum' for a Northern Canadian kid to have access to Harlan.