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Keith Cornett & Steve Garrett Present The Latest C8 News

We are thrilled to say that this podcast begins year #2 for CORVETTE TODAY!  Keith Cornett from teams up with your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, to keep you on top of what's going on in the world of Corvette.
Here are some of the topics covered in this podcast:
1.  April 2021 Constraints and Production Update – 11000 orders still to produce
3.  Zeus Bronze and Sebring Orange are now no longer available for order
3.  Corvette is the fastest selling new car for the 3rd month in a row!
4.  Corvette dominates Q1 sales with 51% marketshare
5.  Corvette has highest model loyalty in Luxury Sports Car segment
6. Sportscar 365 says GM Racing will make a decision on LMDH & GTD Pro in 45 days
7.  Digital Paint samples for three new 2022 colors revealed
8.  Tonowanda #1 Team Badges available for sale at Chevy Parts Counter
9.  Corvettes at Carlisle to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ’96 Grand Sport
10.  Supercar Blondie is a fan of the C8 Corvette!
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    Originally posted by John View Post
    Ugly amount. Shawn, we are so sorry about your $1,400 bill.

    Shawn, while you are busy murdering your squirrels by gassing them in your garage, please have your own breathing apparatus on; we do not wish to read a post about your demise.
    Lol, thanks John. There are worse things that could happen, so I'm just glad it was repairable. There was only one squirrel that got in the garage so no need to gas them out. I'm just causing a bit of terror in the squirrel community by picking them off around my garage. I love animals, but the wire chewing tree rats have to go!


    • #62
      You bring up a good reason to not leave our garage doors open hour after hour.
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        WOW....I am just reading this now. Glad you figured it out. Everyone always points to GMs lack of quality control as the issue. No accounting for rodents.

        I had a family of mice take up residence and DIE in the door panel of my old C4 one time. The smell was horrible and it took a while to get rid of it. From that point on I always set traps where I am storing my car. I have not had any issues since then.


        • #64
          Originally posted by shawnguess View Post

          Yeah, looks like it's going to be about $400.
          Yeah, I feel you. Had rodents chew through the cabin filter and chewed on the leather seats in my S4. Over $11,000 to get factory seat skins installed, no after market covers...
          '21 2LT Coupe, Torch Red over Black w/ microfiber, Z51, GT2 seats, FE4 mag ride, J6N edge red calipers, E60 front lift, Q8Q Carbon Flash wheels

          Status 1100 2/17/21
          Status 3000 3/24/21


          • #65
            I wonder if I can buy a rodent rider for my comprehensive insurance.....
            Current C7:SunKissed, 2015 2LT, 7MT, Black over Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic, Stingray convertible

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            Never grow up - It's a trap.


            • #66
              In my garage in the desert in Palm Springs, CA we would get all sorts of rodents. Desert mice (Kangaroo mice), squirrels, etc. They chewed some wiring on my 66 Mustang when I got it and they were chewing their way into my sealed and latched dog food bin.

              I put out a few traps and caught a grand total of one Kangaroo mouse and zero squirrels, problems persisted. I got those ultrasonic pest repellers and never saw hide nor hair of another one.


              • #67
                I have found that placing unused fabric softener sheets made to go in clothes dryers keeps critters out. I place two inside the passenger compartment, one in the storage and one on top of the engine. No critters for years.