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Corvette Today Podcast With Morgan Crosbie: A Canadian Perspective

Corvettes are sold all around the world.  But on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY, you'll get a Corvette perspective based upon "The Great White North.”
Morgan Crosbie is a Corvette Specialist at Finch Chevrolet in London, Ontario, Canada.  Morgan talks with your CORVETTE TODAY host, Steve Garrett, and tells you what it's like to buy and sell Corvettes in Canada.
You'll also learn about Morgan's hugely successful YouTube channel, Cars and Crosbie along with all his other social media where he posts Corvette content. Get the Canadian view of Corvette on this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!

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Battery cover and other part removal ?

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  • Battery cover and other part removal ?

    I recently put on some splash guards and during the removal the metal spring clips of the pieces I was removing were desperate to stay with the car. Have experienced this before with the C7. I have not taken any of the "frunk" surround pieces off as in to access the battery, but has me thinking if I ever do. Is there a way to pull these pieces off to minimize the chance of dislodging these metal clips which seem very difficult if possible to put back on the piece they came from?

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    They make plastic pry tools for clips like these, very inexpensive. You just have to choose the appropriate tool as to not damage or markup any painted areas. The pry tools with the "Y" shape will allow you to pry up the metal clip that is supposed to stay with the plastic.

    As far as the front area panels to access the battery compartment those will come off by hand pretty easily without any damage. start with the side panels and just give it a gentle tug. I would remove it anyway for two reasons, One so you know and the second is to check your shock towers. Mine had about 2 inches of water sitting in the casting.

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      2020HTC, I too installed splash guards and had difficulty with the clips, but when I removed the battery cover is came off a lot easier. I do recommend the pry tools suggested above.
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        As ZoraC2 noted. Best $10 spent to take apart your vehicles safely.
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          Originally posted by John View Post
          As ZoraC2 noted. Best $10 spent to take apart your vehicles safely.

          I will bet Harbor Fright is less.


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            Not with my Amazon prime free delivery. These are the right combo of pry tools based on my use.
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