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Corvette Today Podcast News & Headlines

Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from get together once again for the the latest update in the world of Corvette. News & Headlines for late February 2021 on these topics and more.
1. Winter storm delays reopening of BGA
2. reports that the C8 Corvette was the fastest selling car in January.
3. Don’t expect Black Trident wheels back until April 2021
4. The C8 is the Daytona 500 Pace Car
5. Here are the Corvette colors being retired in 2022
6. Sylvester Stallone buys a Rapid Blue C8 Corvette
7. Play Corvette Drive on Alexa
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Koons Tysons is selling 9 C8 Corvettes at well above MSRP

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    John, I took your advice, they gave me an order number. When I called the concierge they confirmed my email and home address and told me status is 3300.
    I could not believe it. Seemed like it would never happen. Concierge was very nice and helpful. I finally feel like I might be close.


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      When I was at 3300, then just a few weeks. All that waiting and then boom, it all happened quickly


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        Originally posted by tsigwing View Post

        except that no dealers can order for their stock. They either screwed customers at the point of sale, or bought from other dealers. If sold as new, they screwed customers. Not cool.
        Put deposit down.

        Car arrives.

        Back out and pull or forfeit deposit.

        Dealer has car to sell off the floor.

        Or... as some on here have claimed they would do;

        "If my C8 has so much as a water droplet on it I'll refuse the car unless the dealer does (insert entitled demand here)!"

        Result, dealer has car to sell off the floor.


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          Originally posted by Sabre View Post
          Probably never know what it will actually go for. I wonder how long this machine can still fetch these prices with the lead time going down to about 6 months now.
          Really.... WHO said the lead time was down (or GOING down) to six months?? No one has given me indication of 6 months including Mike (It’ll be at least another year) Furman...
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            If you really want a C-8 right now. has 450 2020 listed for sale. 244 2021's are listed for sale there. Also MacMulkin's had 6 2021's listed for sale a couple of days ago.


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              Originally posted by Boomer View Post

              There have been reports of that on the forum. A couple I saw were first time posters who never came back. One said he arrived to pick up his C8 and they wanted $15,000 over MSRP. Maybe it really happens.
              It happens only if the contract that they signed allowed it to. Sad that people let themselves get taken advantage of but it happens everyday. Read and understand what you sign.


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                Originally posted by UCF.Fan48 View Post
                ....No one has given me indication of 6 months including Mike (It’ll be at least another year) Furman...
                I stand corrected .... as of yesterday the MacMulkin list for the base C8 is 790. Depending on how many people pull out, and if production stays steady, that could mean November/December time frame (at that point it's a MY2022). Though the Z06 list is actually half that. At some point both models will be competing for resources.

                Was just at MM the other day, they finally sold the "high mileage" (7K) C8 and they have a contract on that last Ceramic Matrix Grey which is a pre production model (L50)
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                  There is no shortage of money in Tysons at all. They will be gone within a week or so, that’s one of the wealthiest areas in the DMV. A burger and fries around there is $30.00 +. We do a lot of business in that area. Koons is also a massive car dealer...


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                    Originally posted by Busa Dave View Post

                    It happens only if the contract that they signed allowed it to. Sad that people let themselves get taken advantage of but it happens everyday. Read and understand what you sign.
                    Good advice. It probably does happen. My point in post #9 is too bad folks sometimes come on the forum and claim it happened to them and then they disappear and never give details. Here's an example from post 2552 of the Latest 2020 production numbers from BG thread. It was this "member's" one and only post.

                    12-15-2020, 08:39 AM
                    Originally posted by Lakerfan View Post

                    "I’m at My Chevy dealership. They are trying to charge me $15,000 over sticker. They did not discuss this up front."

                    Poster received feedback from several MECF members including this one from me sometime later:

                    No further word from you Lakerfan on this outrageous situation. Its still your first and only forum post. No response from you to inquiries about your situation. You gonna come back and let us know developments or are we left to wonder whether this really happened?

                    Poster never returned and no further post of any kind from this "member". Have seen this kinda thing before. Maybe people get the impression it happens more that it really does due to these questionable posts.
                    Last edited by Boomer; 01-15-2021, 06:25 PM.


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                      I’d just add again that I live in Northern VA and Koons is not my dealer for several reasons. The closer you get to DC, the more people are willing to flush their cash and everyone knows it.

                      Just did paper today for my purchase at Bomnin Manassas. Low dealer admin fee, but basically the sold it to me at MSRP just like they said they would. The manager actually stopped me on the way out, asked when I was picking up my car In Bowing Green and congratulated me on a great car.

                      No monkey business when you buy at Bomnin Manassas.

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