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Looking Good With The Top Off/Down! What Hats Do You Wear & Other Top Down Must Haves

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    First time I have ever heard the correct terminology for that awful sound and feeling-Helmholtz resonances. Not sure the proper hat will stop that noise.
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      Originally posted by MarkOnEarth View Post
      Hello all,

      Okay, so I'm having had a hard time with apparel once the top comes off/down after we get our HTC. All you coupe and convertible owners, what hats do you love and are there any other items you consider must haves with the top off/down?

      I have regular trucker type hats/caps and I have a couple of flat caps but I want something a little more HIP! I happen to have thinner hair up top than 30 years ago so I need to keep the noggin from sunburn:-)

      I looked at bicycle hats and other hats but I just don't know where to turn... so I'm here trying to see what you seasoned owners recommend. I'm not really a Fedora wearer and I've seen most of the hats that Goorin Brothers (here's there link maybe you guys wear these type hats?

      I'm out of ideas, maybe post a picture of the hats you like, I know I would appreciate it. Are there other items you can't go topless with? Convertible hats for my wife would be cool to see too:-)

      My current C8 is a coupe but I had a 67 vert. and a 2017 vert. and just wore golf caps and/or baseball caps. Seemed to work fine, of course I still have all my hair. 😆


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        It's been so cold here lately and the top is always down unless it's raining, my wife bought me a nice warm beanie put on my head to keep it warm. Other than that just one of my many baseball caps I have works good for me to keep the sunburn down and help keep the sun from blinding me.
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          Sunscreen ...


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            I use an English style cap. The bill is short enough that it won't blow off but long enough to help shade the sun off my glasses. When people ask my name, I tell them.....Jackie Stewart.


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              I have a large head, size 8. I dislike "one size fits all" and baseball cap type hats. I buy my hats from They are made in Poland, and affordable for the quality. There is a wide choice of colors, materials, and styles, including leather World War 1 soft helmets. The hats are available in standard sizes up to 8 1/8.

              I have several I use. 1940s motorcycle styles are nice, for the Marlon Brando "Wild One" hat look.


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                Originally posted by JB View Post
                Sunscreen ...

                I've tried a few hats with brims to try to keep the sun off my ears, but they tend to catch so much wind you need a neck strap to keep them on, and I find that gets real annoying. So sunscreen on the ears especially, but also remember your arms, hands and face. And legs, if wearing shorts.
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