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Possible ME T-tops??

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  • Possible ME T-tops??

    did anyone else catch this?????? looks to me that the roof line continues down the middle and those are t- tops!!!! notice the difference in color/wrap....just my lil spot for the day

    also on another topic, the rear "diffuser" that was seen in the latest photos looks to be stop heat/fire from going up the back ....and 2 it looks to be integrated into the body at the bottom of it Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20181228-150300_Chrome.jpg Views:	2 Size:	720.5 KB ID:	20835
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    Possible that they've gone back to T tops to make the top easier to store. Also possible it's just the way they wrapped the car, either by accident or to throw us off.
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      Thanks rvb1331 for starting this thread. Two potential negatives on T-tops: One negative is more seams right above the seats/center console to potentially leak, and second the more top parts, the more chances of rattles. Not that the one-piece C7 tops were always quiet (massive understatement).

      On the positive as noted by meyerweb, much easier to store two smaller pieces than one large one, especially on a mid engine car.

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        T tops would throw pundits into convulsions...

        the only line i see is for the convertible roof to successfully retract...i cant see the split in the center of the roof running front to back..
        could be there but my eyes cant see it.

        i dont remember the c5 top squeeking do you guys?

        c6 required service once a year at the dealership as the weather changed...

        i found if while Im driving I git an annoying squeek before i can get to the dealer for service during an oil change etc..

        i just open the handle and close it while im driving...

        gets rid of the squeek as well..

        i love the targa roof so the annual 10 minute service is well worth it.



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          "lee press on t tops"


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            I believe it will be a one piece top as we seen the current and recent generations.
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