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Special Tadge Juechter On Corvette Today Podcast Now

Steve Garrett has the honor of talking to Corvette's Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter on CORVETTE TODAY!

Tadge talks about how he started working at GM, what his first job was for the company, his path to success and how he attained his current position. Then Steve and Tadge trace his time with the C4, C5 and C6.  You'll learn how the C7 almost became the mid-engine Corvette!  Tadge talks about how the true mid-engine car we know today was being developed while the C7 was coming to market! Next Tadge takes a deep dive into the development and product launch of the current C8 Corvette. He talks about how the Corvette team attained the buy-in for GM executives to build the car, the research and architecture of the C8 and the future of this mid-engine marvel.

Tell your friends, stop what you're doing right now and check out this outstanding episode of CORVETTE TODAY with Executive Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter! (listen to all CORVETTE TODAY podcasts) (sign up for email updates here)
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C8 and Hummer Alike In Three Major Components

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  • C8 and Hummer Alike In Three Major Components

    Thank you CorvetteBlogger for pointing these out. Is the Hummer EV’s frunk huge! Also if you missed the Hummer EV’s 5 minute reveal video, it is below.

    Originally posted by CorvetterBlogger
    Three Things the C8 Corvette and the New GMC Hummer EV Have In Common

    By Keith Cornett : Oct 21, 2020
    Photo Credits: GMC

    Congratulations to the GMC Team who revealed the new 2022 GMC Hummer EV on Tuesday evening. We watched the reveal with great anticipation as this is the second fully-electric truck unveiled by GM over the last few months, the Cadillac Lyriq being the other EV.

    If you haven’t checked out the reveal video yet, I have it embedded below.
    As we watched the five-minute Hummer reveal video, I found myself saying “just like the C8 Corvette” more than once. While the two vehicles couldn’t be more different than each other, here are three things the C8 Corvette and the new GMC Hummer EV have in common.

    Front Lift
    Due to its low driving profile, one of the major innovations for the C8 Corvette was the Front Lift system which allows drivers to raise the front of the Stingray about 3 inches to clear speedbumps, driveways and other obstacles.
    The GMC Hummer also has a lift system called “Extract Mode” which utilizes the Hummer’s adjustable air suspension system to raise the truck six inches to drive over obstacles and rough terrain.

    Both Have a Frunk!
    With the C8 Corvette’s engine relocated to behind the driver, that made available storage space on the front of the car that is called the front trunk, or frunk. Combined with the rear trunk, the C8 Corvette offers 12.6 cubic feet of storage.
    The Hummer EV also has no motor on the front and it too receives a gracious-sized front storage area that is much easier to access than the C8 Corvette due to the truck’s height. There aren’t currently any specs on the capacity of the Hummer’s frunk, but we do know that it was specially designed to hold the next and final item on our list.

    Transparent/Topless Driving
    The Corvette has been equipped with a single removable roof panel on its Coupe models going back to 1984. One of the accessories available for the 2020 Corvette is a transparent version of the roof. The C8 Corvette Coupe was specifically designed so that owners could take off their roof panels and store them in the rear trunk
    The Hummer EV describes its topside as an Infinity Roof with Modular Sky Panels. The removable roof panels allow for an open-air driving experience, much like the Corvette. Instead of one panel for the roof, the Hummer EV has four modular “sky” panels that can be removed and stored it is Frunk as well.

    So that’s my quick round-up of some of the similarities between the C8 and the Hummer EV. I might also mention that both the C8 Corvette and the Hummer EV have stunning designs that capture the historic elements from each vehicle and brings them into the future.
    With the Corvette brand on a slow but deliberate collision course with electrification, it will do us all well to pay attention to the innovation with EVs that is happening at GM and elsewhere.

    GMC is planning a multi-year rollout of the Hummer EV with the first model called the “EDITION 1” available in fall 2021 with a starting MSRP of $112,595. GMC opened reservations for the new truck and they sold out in just a few hours.

    Reveal of the GMC HUMMER EV Video (5 minutes):


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    And 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, just like the non Z51 C8. That’s what jumped out at me when I watched the unveiling video last night.


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      Impressive truck, impressive features. Impressive price. 👍👍
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        The frunk on that Hummer looks big enough to park a C8 in.
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          Super nice truck. No doubt a lot of truck owners are scratching their heads to see where they can scrape together the cash for it.
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            Also the rear camera mirror.


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              Amazing technology and fast. Negatives are: It's pricey and the bed is far too small to be used as a serious truck.


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                Originally posted by capevettes View Post
                Amazing technology and fast. Negatives are: It's pricey and the bed is far too small to be used as a serious truck.
                In spite of all the off road tech, I suspect 90% of these will never leave a paved road, and will spend more time at "the club" than at Home Depot. Another rich person's toy to show the neighbors how much money you have.
                SunKissed, my 2015 2LT, 7MT, Black over Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic, Stingray convertible (One of about 40)

                Purchased 5/2/2015,
                >36,000 miles

                Proud member of the Old Dominion Corvette Club. Check us out

                Never grow up - It's a trap.