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Size Comparison: C8 vs C7

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  • Size Comparison: C8 vs C7

    Thank you fvs for your detailed renderings and size scaling, which collectively have resulted in this comparative C8 vs C7 size thread (C8 in green; C7 Z06 in red).

    Click image for larger version

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    fvs’ sizing work was originally taken from tons of spy pictures, and also using the only known actual C8 information sizes coming from the following picture.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	7D47551B-01E3-4884-B40D-DED360BA504D.jpeg Views:	119 Size:	647.9 KB ID:	20376

    We also want to note a well deserved thank you for member “Skank” for his independent analysis, and his conclusion concurrence with fvsregarding both the height and the wheel bases comparative C7 vs C8 amounts. Well done gentlemen!

    Cautions and cavers regarding all these measurements/determinations/final predictions:

    1) Potential scaling error, as it is hard to know to what degree a side view picture was taken, e.g., exactly perpendicular to the camera, or at 88 or 91 degrees.
    2) Spy picture camera lens distortion.
    3) Camo thickness.

    Wheelbase: The C8’s wheelbase is within 1” of the C7’s (and probably less than that amount ), at around 106.7.” It could even be identical, or maybe off a tenth or two.

    Height: The C8’s height appears to be just a little less than the C7’s (latter is 48.6”) Look at the greater C8 windshield rake we just saw.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	53C27674-F104-47DA-883D-1589AF230C92.jpeg Views:	113 Size:	287.9 KB ID:	20377
    Picture thanks to “njhurren.”

    Length: The C7’s is 176.9”. The C8’s length is a little longer, as shown by the green/red outline superimposition picture above.

    Rear deck height: fvs concluded that the reck deck height of both (without spoilers) is about the same.

    Rear fascia width: The entry C8’s width is just about the same as the C7 Z06’s (77.4”)

    Originally posted by fvs
    Here is a comparison or the rear height based on the lic plate size. Almost identical.
    I had to use the rear "fascia" rather than the fender width due to the distortion depth from the lens. The fascia is on the same plane as the lic plate so it is close to accurate. FYI, the Z06 total width is listed as 77.4 in — at the rear fender I would assume.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	920A51A8-3382-4C6F-9CA8-45AB668D36B1.jpeg Views:	111 Size:	464.7 KB ID:	20378

    Wheel size: Both the C8 and the 2019 C7 use/will use the same 19”F/20”R wheel size.

    Tire diameter: The C8 fronts will be the same 25.8” diameter as are the 2019 StingRay’s. C8 rear and SR rears are/will be the same 26.5” diameter, though none of this is surprising the C8 will use the identical 245/35/R19 fronts and 285/30/R20 rears that the 2019 StingRay’s tires are.

    C8 size comparisons with competitor euro-exotics:

    Ferrari 488: 180″ L x 77″ W x 48″ H;
    McLaren 650 S: 178″ L x 75″ W x 47″ H
    Lamborghini Huracan: 178″ L x 75″ W x 47″ H
    Ford GT is: 183”L x 77” x 44 H
    Lamborghini Aventador is: 189″ L x 80″ W x 45″ H

    Considering all the above, it is our best prediction that the C8 will be almost identically sized as the Ferrari 488, at:

    Length = 179”

    Width = 77 1/2”

    Height = 48”

    Again kudos to our experts fvs and Skank for helping make the best comparative C8 vs C7 sizing predictions that we now can. It will be fun to read the press release with the C8’s specs at its reveal, to see how accurate they were.

    When we first see the revealed C8, the above info and measurements will lead us to see a longer, lower and wider Corvette than we are now used to.
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    Outstanding information.

    Thank you.


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      Sounds good..i think the c7 and upcoming c8 are sized correctly...not so big to be ungainly on a country road and not so small to be annoying,
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        Small compared to the Aventador for sure. About the size of my C7 Z06, though maybe an 1 1/2” longer.
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          Thank you FVS and Skank for making this info possible. I will be happy with the C8 being Ferrari 488 sized.


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            I needed that. Thank you.


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              Longer, lower and wider sounds like an exciting car to me.


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                The thought and time that people have put into analyzing this is really impressive. I always enjoy the info here.

                Wish some one could assess weight from a picture! Maybe the only Dimension missing here.

                I also wish it weren’t longer-makes it seem heavier.....I m scared. However I am absolutely confident that the car will outperform my c7 at whatever weight it is and cannot wait to get one.


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                  As we all critically know, weight is the universal enemy of every sports car, and why we hope that GM fairly new lightweighting program was used for at least the last half of the ME’s development.

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                    Cool info...i actually was surprised to read the c8 is dimensionally similiar to the ferrari 488...

                    i fully expected the corvette to be taller at the very least....

                    im glad the height is identical...

                    thats cool as hell and probably why the doors wing up a little as they open...(missing the curbs)
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                      Why dual caliber rear brakes?

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                        Since the mules are likely MY2020 prototypes - base models, and the photometric analysis here says this baby is as wide as a Z06, that means there will not be a "narrow body" and a "wide body", just a sexy body with a fixed roof (coupe) and a hardtop convertible.


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                          Binger, I like your thinking. Then we could well have as Z06 differentiators different:

                          *hood with ducts,
                          *front grille,
                          * add’l NACA duct below tiny side window,
                          *rear diffuser,
                          * different aero (bigger, more pronounced and maybe even a movable rear spoiler),
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                            There is a right and a wrong way to use a NACA inlet / duct. Here is a good article on the whys and wherefores of its very precise geometry:

                            We have used these on fighter aircraft for applications where pressure recovery and discharge coefficient are not critical, but additive (cowl) drag is, such as cooling inlets, etc. Race cars use them for similar applications. Of course, what is acceptable pressure recovery at Mach 0.1-0.2 at sea level (i.e. less than 200 knots) is horrible at Mach 0.85 to 0.92, (450-480 knots) where transonic aircraft, (B787, B-52, etc.) operate. For those applications, a pitot inlet is always a better choice, (think B787 engine inlet cowl).
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                              Binger, thanks. That is an excellent article you linked. Lots of great info and easy to understand, even for those of us who not aero smart. But now at least I am smarter regarding NACA ducts. Thank you very much.
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