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Corvette Today Podcast With Keith Cornett/“CorvetteBlogger”

Steve Garrett and Keith Cornett from combine once again to bring you the latest news and headlines in the world of Corvette! Some of the topics you'll hear about are:
1.  GM delivers 6,355 C8 Corvettes in the 3rd Quarter
2.  Callaway offers a 25th Anniversary Special Edition for C7 Z06
3.  2020 C8 Corvette named Car Of The Year by Popular Mechanics
4.  Chevrolet announces that C8 production extended thru the end of the year. 2021 production starts in December.
5.  EV Hybrid may replace the Grand Sport in the C8 lineup
6.  2022 C8 Z06 spied at Grattan Raceway with rear wing and newly exposed wheels
7.  Corvette Racing using 3D printed parts
8.  What the reveal of the C8 lineup tells us about the future of Corvette
9.  Guess what Batman’s daily driver is!
Be sure to check out this edition of CORVETTE TODAY!
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PS4 Summer Tires vs All Seasons as demonstrated by Randy Pobst

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  • PS4 Summer Tires vs All Seasons as demonstrated by Randy Pobst

    Just because the debate between proponents of the All Season Michelin’s being just as good as the PS4 Summer tires was so entertaining, I thought I’d suggest this video. Randy Pobst at Willow Springs comparing PS4s and a lesser tire. What’s the difference?

    These are not the Michelin all seasons that GM provides non Z51 cars but they do illustrate the difference between the best and the “ almost as good” tires.

    Of note is his comment about them putting down the power really well which is similar to what we hear on here about owners 0-60 times being only a tenth off. Well take into account the rest of the lap and his comments and it may open some eyes about how it affects handling.

    Obviously it’s an extreme example compared to what I hope are thoroughly competent C8 All Season tires but it shows that there’s more to a tire than 0-60!

    Once I finish burning off the PS4s I plan on getting a set of the All Seasons for the winter. I hope to provide a real world comparison then. Enjoy!

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      As for many generations only 5% track their own C8’s (other than such great adventures as Spring Mountain where we get to drive their cars), commendations to GM for this generation offering an all-season as an original purchase option.
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