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  • Decal Installation Question

    I live on the west coast and bought my car from an east coast dealer and one option I got was the fender hash mark decals. The dealer I bought from in Georgia said they would be installed by my local dealer during the courtesy delivery along with the other options I ordered (splash guards etc.) I arranged with my salesman to come back out during the first oil change after I had XPEL installed and they'd install the hash marks.

    So today I drove over there (75 mile round trip) and the service manager told me, "We don't do have to take it to an auto body shop." The salesman said he was "surprised." So now I have to take the car back over next Monday, get a loaner, and wait 3-5 days for an auto body shop (whose quality of work or care for Corvettes I know nothing about) to do it.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if this type of thing varies by dealership. Do some dealers do the installation of hash marks, stripes, etc. themselves and some dealers' policy is to not do it? Or was I just hosed by my local courtesy delivery dealer?


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    If you purchased your hashmarks as part of your original order, as a LPO dealer installed option, GM is responsible for paying for them to be installed even at a courtesy delivery dealer.

    I bought my hashmarks the identical way you did. However, I choose because of the quality of the install issue, to have a separate professional detail shop install them, e.g., my therefore choosing to pay for itheir install myself. The quality of my hashmark install was excellent.

    GM does not require every dealer to have hashmark install capabilities within their dealerships.

    So you are left with the two choices you have outlined, trust you dealer’s sub-contractor work at no charge or purchase the install yourself and choose the shop you want/trust. Sorry but there are no other options.
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      I ordered the full length stripe decals are they factory or dealer installed?


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        Originally posted by barrys24 View Post
        I ordered the full length stripe decals are they factory or dealer installed?
        Factory installed, by GM personnel. (Something about a separate building at Bowling Green, but, still GM installed)
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          So the larger stripes are factory installed by GM, but the smaller hash marks are not...interesting. They said they're not making me pay for the loaner but did not say that about the install. I did buy them as an original dealer-installed LPO option, so if they try to make me pay for it, I'll tell them GM is responsible...I guess. Thanks for the info.


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            GM should pay for the install. Who knows, the dealer may be doing you a favor. It appears the dealer wants them installed properly.


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              I am having the full stripes put on my car either already or as we speak as my car came off the line last Wednesday. And yes they go to a separate building to have them put on before shipping.
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