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Where is the fob hiding?

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  • Where is the fob hiding?

    So this will make me come across as a complete idiot...
    Ran a quick errand, came back home and the fob wasn't in my pocket. Went out to the car, didn't see the fob anywhere. Car starts normally, so the fob must be in the car, somewhere. Tried to reach and look under the driver's seat but with no success, same on the passenger side. Not in the beverage holder, armrest or glove box. Not in any pants pocket. The key would normally be in my front left pants pocket.

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    What a Grand Entrance into the Forum. Welcome. Hope you soon find it. It has to be there somewhere.
    Rocket City Florida


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      Could it be stuck between the seat bolster and the wall? Also try a flashlight and a mirror so you get a complete look under the seats. Didn't drop it into the the trunk/frunk if you put your errand purchases in there?
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        First person to find it gets to drive the car for a week!!! 😁
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          Just went out to try it again, and the key is in Sleep Mode, with the helpful comment from the C8 to move the key and try again. At least I know where the other fob is. I take it this means the fob is jammed somewhere and has been transmitting continuously and run down the battery.

          Also, this afternoon, noticed that the backup guidelines on the display screen had disappeared. I don't know what they're called (green to orange parallel lines, turn with the steering wheel), and I didn't knowingly turn them off...


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            AHA! Frunk it was, got in there before I ran the errands. Surprised that the frunk qualifies as inside the car for starting.

            Now all I have to do is find my other IQ point...
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              Originally posted by edwisch View Post
              Also, this afternoon, noticed that the backup guidelines on the display screen had disappeared. I don't know what they're called (green to orange parallel lines, turn with the steering wheel), and I didn't knowingly turn them off...
              Press the last button on the camera screen to toggle the lines
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                Thank you! There's seeming more to learn here than on my airplane equipped for instrument flying with a glass cockpit...


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                  I wear my fob on a lanyard, hanging from my neck. When I come home, I leave it on a hook near the garage door to the house. In six years, it has never been lost or misplaced, or forgotten somewhere.


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                    With my 2017 C7 I approached my car with the fob in my golf bag and used the button to open the hatch. I placed my golf bag inside and closed the hatch. It would not reopen with the button near the licence plate....and my cell phone was in the car. No way to call an Uber or a friend as I don't know anyone's number by heart. Finally I paid a young man from the course to drive me to my house which I could access with a hidden key and get the spare fob.