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Anybody else never buy a preowned car, finally decide this time around they would..

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  • Anybody else never buy a preowned car, finally decide this time around they would..

    But when the c8 was rumored to have a rear mid engine you just had to get a new one!

    ive always only bought new vehicles over the past 40 years of buying cars...(except once a third car to flip in 4 month for a friend)

    and i really was going to buy a preowned c7 z06 since so many corvette owners take such insane immaculate care of their

    which is great but then the corvette marketing and sales as well as engineering team decided to bring out a rear mid engine corvette and all my dreams of buying a lovingly cared for preowned corvette went out the window..

    money is not really an issue but the fact so many corvettes are so lovingly cared for i was next time i buy a corvette im going to buy one from one of the corvette enthusiasts who have their cars in nicer shape then the day they rolled off the assembly line...

    i jave gone to many cars and coffee events and i hear these guys talking how they got a great deal on a lightly used exotic mclaren, porsche or corvette and it sounded like a pretty smart move...

    but gm went ahead and created this rear mid engine sports car for release soon enough...

    who else was going to buy a preowned c7 and now is planning on buying a new c8...

    ive always been a believer in buying new cars and this was going to be my time to buy lightly preowned ...but I just cant...

    i gotta have that c8...

    i usually keep my sports cars a long time so i could be seventy by the time I buy next one ....for it to be the lightly preowned example

    oh well...just wasnt meant to be...

    i do like the idea of buying a c8 early...keep it for a year or two and then flipping it with miminal depreciation for amsrp purchase of the c8 grand sport twin turbo v8 that i hear John is thinking of doing...

    not a bad idea to keep as an option...

    im just shooting the breeze as it seems no c8 release at detroit is bumming many of us out...

    oh my god...the anticipation is becoming

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    I've had 3 Ford Edges as my dd for the last 7 years. The 2007 I bought used from the 2nd owner with less than 20k miles. Traded that in on a 2012 also with less than 20k.

    A couple of weeks ago I was looking for newer Edge, one owner low miles. But local dealer had sales going on for 2018's. $10k off MSRP! So I jumped on a Titanium! Great rig!

    Before I bought my '18 Grand Sport I hadn't had a new car since the early 90's!

    Now I've had 2 inside 15 months!
    2018 Grand Sport, Torch Red, black int, A8, Nav/PDR


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      I only buy used if they don't make new ones anymore.
      1966 coupe - Sunfire Yellow / Black
      2004 Z06 - Millennium Yellow / Black

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        I bought my Nissan 300ZX and Ford F150 both used with low miles. I have been pleased with these purchases and would consider a used C8 if available with low miles.


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          I've been losing a bunch of money buying new Corvettes, except for my C2. Convinced myself I just had to have new.

          I love the cars, BUT; if a C8 is next, I'll seriously consider used. Throwing 10K+ per year away is getting old, and that's been buying low and selling high!

          On the other hand, if I can convince myself that I will keep the car for 6 -10 years, maybe I'll go ahead with a new one.
          '64 Silver Grey Coupe (custom paint)- still our favorite
          '13 White/Blue Diamond 427 60th roadster - favorite late model
          Several others including two C7's

          '20... Zeus Bronze Coupe, 2LT, GT2 seats, Natural two tone, Body color accents, Pewter wheels- 10/1/20😀 GAME CHANGER


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            Oh yes, financial logical versus “emotional need.” I have been buying high and selling low (vehicles), and still have a crush on driving and my fun cars. I will again buy high and sell low on the 2020 ME — having miles of smiles as a result of doing so.

            Nice we each get to choose.
            2023 Z06: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, CCB’s, 3LZ, E60, and with every visible carbon fiber option order-able including wheels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 25 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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              I've bought both brand new and gently used vettes over the years. I've had good experiences either way. I really liked the C7 when it came out, but was not willing to trade in or sell my DD at the time. Then out of the clear blue, someone absolutely wanted my driver and was willing to pay what I was asking for it. So I started the chase, and found the exact pre-owned car I wanted at a Chevy dealer in Fargo ND. It had less than 3K miles. A few pics and negotiations later, I had it shipped ... all good and saved quite a few $$.

              BUT ... I think I've gotta have a C8, that I order, and have the NCM delivery this time. That is of course, IF they actually build it and sell it ... sheesh!!


              • #8
                Been waiting for a mid engine Corvette since I first read about it when I was in high school (50 year reunion was last year), so I can and will wait longer if/as necessary.

                Yes, a great idea to buy a low mileage, pristine maintained one year old C8 — buying one from someone who was getting a year two version.
                Last edited by John; 12-13-2018, 10:17 AM.
                2023 Z06: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, CCB’s, 3LZ, E60, and with every visible carbon fiber option order-able including wheels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 25 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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                  I am all about the deal, it makes sense buying used if you can verify the car is clean. In the end, I buy what I like and try to buy pre-owned with a warranty. You can save so much money as long as you have an extended or OEM warranty to protect you if something should happen. I have a good friend at Audi who can extend any warranty on almost any car that is 10 years or less regardless if you buy it from him or not. He has taken care of many of my friend's cars and they swear by the hassle-free warranty protection he provides. To me being covered is key on any pre-owned vehicle especially since they are getting more complex and costly to fix. One major event could cost you all the savings you made buying used vers a new car. I bought my 2015 Z06 new and sold it in less than a year of ownership I did okay my loss was very little. I wanted the sports seats the reg seats do not give me enough support.

                  All my car purchases in the last 6 months have been on hold as I am waiting for the C8 and been on the list at my dealer since 1/15.

                  Some examples of pre-owned deals.

                  I did find a Mclaren 570S orange and black 2017 with 3,600 miles, never titled factory car for car shows not journalist test drives. They wanted 145k with the full OEM warranty 3 years unlimited miles they put it through Mclarens certification process to make sure all is perfect. I hesitated & lost the deal to an out of state buyer because I was debating if I should do it knowing the C8 will be out in 8 months. Can you say OOOOPS that was a stupid move as I would not have lost any money selling her a year later with two years left on the warranty?

                  I just picked up a pre-owned 2010 BMW M3 with a DCT trans with 17k miles on her with 3 sets of wheels. 1 OEM set and two sets of aftermarket forged wheels that only fit this generation M3. Sold one set of wheels for 4k in 6 hours before buying the car after that I was YES I will take the car. My retired friend never drove her and asked if I was still interested as I buy stuff all the time. Since I am waiting on the new C8 I was bored ever since I sold my Audi R8 6 speed manual and was just waiting for the C8.

                  I purchased my 09 R8 with 17k miles from a Mclaren dealer in Dallas. She was in good shape but out of warranty, I called my friend he covered it for 4 years 50k miles for 2100 dollars with 250 deductible. In my 17 months of ownership, the MAG ride needed to be replaced and the A/C went out. The total out of pocket for me was 250 dollars and the cost to fix it was $17,190 dollars (AC fix must pull the motor $$$ both inherent issues with 1st gen R8). When I sold the car I got back the additional warranty I did not use. Paid 2,100 for 4 years 50k & after 17 months of use got 1,315 dollar check back. Not Bad still should have kept the R8
                  Last edited by Fasttoys; 12-13-2018, 10:34 AM.


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                    I agree with John and JB with respect to getting an early C8 then flipping it for the next level model in 12 to 18 months. There shouldn't be much depreciation at all since the market 'hysteria' will still be there. I'm seriously going to look at the ZR1 option later today in the short term with my local store. I'm thinking that the drop in value will be relatively small in a year, but I could be WAAAAY off on the ZR1. I won't pull the trigger on a ZR1 unless I can order exactly what I want, and that 'window of opportunity' is rapidly closing unless they go with a second model year or extend the 2019.

                    On point with respect to buying a used Corvette, I've done that with a couple of the 'oldies' like our 40th Anniversary ZR-1 and it was fine. I've looked at a number of very lightly used late models (1 or 2 years old) but I'm just too fussy about condition. My definition of 'perfect' doesn't seem to be the same as the average guy out there. More importantly, I'm very inflexible about color and options. That more than anything has driven me to 'new' vs lightly used.

                    Oh, and another thing.... A very good friend of mine got a 'screaming deal' on a new one once but it wasn't exactly optioned as he wanted, but the price was just too good to pass up. Unfortunately, every time he got in the car he divided the extra cost he would have paid to get it EXACTLY as he wanted by '1800' ….. and it always came out the same. He was SAVING just under $5 a day rather than driving the car of his dreams! (5 years X 360 days per year = 1800) Just a thought. It helps me rationalize spending money.
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                      Good insights guys...i just said to myself a few years ago..that after going to all these cars and coffee events..these guys were spouting off how much money they saved buying low mileage cars and hell the corvette community has a large contingent that really takes amazing care of their cars...i mean obsessively...

                      i really was going to buy preowned but i cant...i just have to have the c8...

                      if it ever comes...

                      omg these guys are killing us...

                      fastiys can youshare the contact and name of the guy who does five years extra coverage for 2100...

                      thats a smoking deal i usually add gmepp or gmpp at the time warranty with a 200 deductible..l(250) is fine,,,$1450 for four extra years and and extra 48k miles...but that was a decade back so you guys price sounds pretty cool.

                      thats sure bimmers cool and with the warranty it makes sense..

                      without the warranty german cars are among the worst...

                      i find most of the time the extended warranties are breakeven...but even so...its a smart bet...

                      30th month and 30k mikes i usually buy the extended if i dig the car...


                      • #12
                        Of the 34 Corvettes I have owned, I only bought 2 new, a 2005 and my present 2016 Z06. I really don't like riding the steep depreciation curve, when you can buy lightly used garage queens, with under 5,000 miles, for a fraction of what they cost new. However, I will be buying a second year C8 new, assuming the higher horsepower version appears in the second year. Just can't help myself on this one. It's a revolutionary design and I'm sure the performance will be outrageous.


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                          Yes; YES. My wife and I were talking about the concept that you can’t take it with you, that once you have put aside enough for your kids to have a little bonanza, college funds for the grandkids, it’s time to take care of charities and then ourselves too.
                          2023 Z06: Hypersonic Gray HTC, two tone blue interior, CCB’s, 3LZ, E60, and with every visible carbon fiber option order-able including wheels. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 25 year members of National Corvette Museum. Home is the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


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                            In a word.... NEVER.... Have traded in too many problem vehicles not to mention the buybacks from Ford, GM and MB....


                            • #15
                              I wanted a BMW turbodiesel X5, but had no desire to suffer the punishing depreciation of a new one. So in late 2016, I bought a certified previously owned one with 29,000 miles. BMWUSA allows a shopper to see the entire nationwide inventory of CPO cars at dealers, and provides CARFAX reports on the cars. I avoided cars that went through auctions, and preferred cars being resold by dealers who sold them when new, and serviced them. Got the tail end of the initial warranty, and the CPO warranty extension.

                              Also avoided cars registered where miles are hard, such as NY City/Long Island

                              Very pleased getting a car with 90% of its service life for under 55% of its MSRP
                              2022 HTC 2LT Z51
                              Front lift, mag ride
                              black exterior, adrenaline red interior, bright red calipers