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C8 Caught In The Wild Testing! Best 7 ME Videos! Inside BGA : Jagamajajaran’s Video

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2019 Grand Sport Drivers Series Officially Revealed Tomorrow. LIst of C8 Poential Patents. Considerations In Modeling The C8

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Site Maintenance Starts @ 5:00 PM Today

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Best 7 ME Videos Totaling Just 12 Minutes Total

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  • Best 7 ME Videos Totaling Just 12 Minutes Total

    These are, IMO, the best videos we have to learn about/experience the 2020 mid engine Corvette.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	FA0FB42A-E00E-481B-B828-7E8AAF434C27.jpeg Views:	2 Size:	125.6 KB ID:	14929

    They cover its tracking at the Nurburgring, its looks in a 360 degree video, its aero, “lightweighting” program, and its DCT. All are located within other threads, but if you have not seen them all, I encourage your seeing those you have missed. If you were to watch all five, it would take exactly nine minutes.

    1) ME Tracking It At The Nurburgring: Just 59 seconds long, give a good feel for how the ME is fairing during initial ‘Ring testing and development

    2) 360 degree rendering view of the 2020 C8 by “bdsvavars.” Only 16 seconds long:

    3) Aero: First found and share with us by fvs, while this is a Ferrari 2:49 aero video, it covers all the major mid engine aero major forces currently most are using for best downforce with least drag. As fvs yesterday first found proof of the 2020 Corvette ME also has a splitter within its side scoop, if you have no more time, (but I hope you watch it all), please see from 1:22 through 1:45.

    4) Lightweighting:

    Our thread on GM’s lightweighting program, for we all know how critical lowering weight is for improving sports car performance:


    This 2:07 video is my personal pick as the best ME video of all I have seen:

    5) Learning About Its DCT: Here’s a DCT learning thread:

    B) DCT: How It Works (3:57):

    6) C8.R Night Testing At Sebring:

    7) Chazcron’s 360 ME rendering:

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    So many questions about the ME right now; so few answers yet.

    Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. A ME C8 Corvette is coming next.

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    I learned some good things in several of those videos. Thank you.


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      I agree MidEngine. Those were very helpful videos to me too. I’ll bet I have watched each one at least five times. I’ll bet I will watch them again.
      Looking forward to our ME arriving.


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        Thanks for all the videos, some interesting information that I didnt know ...
        A thought if I might ...😎


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          Thanks very interesting


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            Very, very informative, to say the least! Thanks for the videos.


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              Interesting - Thanks. John, you work hard to keep this site content rich.


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                I love the sound of the engine in the first video!! European car lovers "run for cover" when they hear the roar of an American V8.

                Video #3 is one of the most telling educational videos about airflow in any sports cars.

                #4 is a fascinating look into 3D printing and the capacity of GM to show off their effort here. It only shows how pale we all are compared to them.

                Video #5 is a great description of the DST. I find it fascinating, not being an engineer of any sort, that the gears are so scattered around the cylinder of the drive. Why aren't they right next to each other?

                #6 - Night testing at Sebring is a very tell-tail video. I cannot believe the difference in the sound of the engine from Video #1 to Video #6.

                Needless to say, we have tremendous talent showing us renderings but we will not really see what's coming until the "big boy" shows us.
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