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GM’s Day Went Well Yesterday

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    Approx 1,610,000 US Coronavirus cases. Approx 95,987 deaths. Approx 5.9%.

    2019-2020 US Influenza seasonLow range of cases, 39,000,000. High ranges of flu deaths, 62,000. Worst case, approx 1.5%

    masks at BGA are just fine by me.
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      Originally posted by MrBluster View Post
      Latest info is that the virus is not spreading from surfaces being touched. From reports it sounds like employees would do well to avoid break rooms and associating during break times.
      I have heard this from various sources, not just this webosphere note: A yet-to-be-published study conducted by scientists from the CDC, National Institutes of Health and other institutions suggests that the 2019 novel coronavirus can live for two to three days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces.

      With that in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your home clean during this time. And if someone in your household is sick, it’s especially important to disinfect high-touch surfaces in your household every day. This includes doorknobs, handles, tables, countertops, keyboards and light switches.


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        Latest CDC guidelines say that catching Covid19 from contact with surfaces is not very likely. Information on this disease and therefore best practices have evolved from day one as what the experts thought they knew has changed. Expect more changes as studies produce actual scientific results. Policy is dictated by best available information AT THE TIME. Just like I do in business, I make decisions based on the best available information at the time. Sometimes I later learn things that would have had an impact on a decision if I had known it at the time. The authorities are having to do the same. You have experts that say to wear masks and others that say don't, same with gloves. That is one reason we have such a hodgepodge of restrictions across the country. Testing across the country has not yet expanded to the point where we have a good handle on how many have had the disease or even still have it. Fatality rates are computed using known cases not the actual number of cases because no one knows how many people have had it. We may never know how many people have had Covid19 or the true number of deaths that should be attributed to it. We know that some Covid19 reported deaths have been misclassified. Not trying to diminish the seriousness of the disease, just trying to keep it real. I guess we should all be pulling for big Pharma to deliver a vaccine sooner rather than later so the world can get back to normal.


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          The good news I read yesterday is the covid 19 virus does not get into the nucleus of our cells. The HIV and Hepatitis virus does and a person infected lives with those viruses the rest of their lives. The Covid 19 virus only survives finding a new host. If a person survives the virus it is gone and can’t transmit to a host. This is the best news I’ve read since this virus has been with us. Wear a mask out in public places. Please
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            Originally posted by 63TO2020 View Post
            Does anybody know of BGA plant will be shutting down on the 4th of July ? I think I read somewhere they usually shut down for a 2 week holiday....
            Would that be a Union contract issue ? The reason I'm asking, my TPW is July 7th.
            The company has contractual rights to wait until May 31 to determine when " vacation" is .... My opinion is it will only be 1 week (when they want) then get to use the other 40 hours as either vacation or as excused absence as they've done for quite a few contracts already ..
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            A thought if I might ...


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              Originally posted by MikeC8 View Post
              Wear a mask out in public places. Please
              Ya, sad thing around here is there are still about 30% that don't wear a mask in public. I want to go up to one of these people and ask ...

              Me: Why are you not wearing a mask?

              them: Because I don't have the virus!!

              Me: How do you know those people didn't JUST give it to you? as I point to another couple not wearing masks!

              I wonder if that will sink in? naw, I doubt it.
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                You can do what you want but I go places everyday and do not ware a mask.


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                  I wear a mask so old people dont worry.

                  i dont like old people to worry for no reason at all.

                  With that note I just got back from lowes..its a madhouse ..literally no social distances and it was packed like an ant farm.

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