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Well, I'm out....

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  • Well, I'm out....

    First off, this forum has been great. It has been an indispensable resource for accurate info and a great community that I'm glad I was a part of... Thanks to the founders, moderators, and members for such a great forum!

    But after the strike delay, the covid delay, my sales manager whom I placed a deposit with leaving the dealership and more or less being told by the new management at the dealer to FO on getting my car at the previously agreed MSRP and in deposit-placed order, I'm out. Just seems like it wasn't meant to be...

    Maybe I'll still grab one once the dust settles, early production quality issues are resolved, and full speed production resumes. In the mean time, I took delivery on another Porsche today instead, a pre-owned 991 Turbo S, for fairly close to what the C8 I spec'ed was going to run.

    Best of luck, I'll probably still lurk on midenginecorvetteforum for a while and see how things go. Wave if you see me in the canyons or at the track!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	991 Turbo S 2 - 1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.85 MB ID:	147801

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    Congratulations to you Prez. Your Porsche is so beautiful. I am excited for you. And also sorry that you went through so much craziness to get to having to part ways with your C8 — at least for now.

    Happy, HAPPY driving in your wonderful new-to-you sports car. Miles of smiles to you!
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      Sorry to hear of your issues, a lot of us are still hanging on to that fraying thread. However you picked a really great ride there. Congratulations and may you have tons of fun with your new beauty. There will be plenty of C8's down the road and even better ones.
      Rocket City Florida


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        Too bad you had such a crappy dealer. That really must have put the cap on the frustrating experience you've been through.

        On the other hand, you've picked up one heck of a consolation prize, and for what seems like a great price. Think of it this way -- if you are ever tempted go for a C8 again (at a different dealer) then you've a terrific trade-in value! In the meantime, enjoy your new ride, I'm sure it will bring you lots of smiles.


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          It's to bad to hear of your buying experience. Congrats on your replacement. Looks outstanding 👍👍
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            another one bites the dust 😫


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              Some dealers are hard to deal with. Good luck in the future. I had a 911 many years ago and liked it. Charlie aka cutnout


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                Click image for larger version

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ID:	147828 Sorry to hear about your dealership mishap. But you got ya a beautiful toy until the dust settles. Nice color on a bad *** car ...enjoy and stay on this site. Personally I like most fast sports cars no matter the make. Always liked this rear end shot
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                  I toyed with buying an F-430 during all the craziness but decided to stick with the C8. Sorry to see you drop the C8 but you will enjoy the Porsche.


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                    I too am sorry to hear of your dealership experience, what a load of BS. I'm glad you got a nice 911 to fill the void. Stay safe and enjoy it, those are great cars.


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                      I would never attempt to buy a Corvette other than through a high volume forum sponsor dealer. Too many schlock-meisters out there in the country side anxious to kill the Golden Goose.


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                        That is one Bad-A looking Porsche ... what's important now is that you're happy with your purchase. The C8 is a wonderful looking car, but I'm not putting my life on hold for it either. I'm also waiting a bit to put down a deposit to see what's going to happen with the 2021. The COVID-19 Pandemic is real and is impacting everyone's daily lives, whether they want to admit it or not or even talk about it, and trying to ignore it and pretend it's not real isn't healthy.


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                          Originally posted by Milliwatt Rob View Post
                          I would never attempt to buy a Corvette other than through a high volume forum sponsor dealer. Too many schlock-meisters out there in the country side anxious to kill the Golden Goose.
                          For every bad dealer there are 10 good ones and 5 great ones. I've bought my last 12 daily drivers and my last 4 vettes from my local chevy dealer and would be hard pressed to consider buying from another dealer.


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                            You did the right thing as I wouldnt have put up with that nonsense either...none of us would thats why we roll with one of the forum dealers..these forum dealers are pretty straight shooters and dont mess around with that local dealer nonsense of raising the agreed upon price. All of us would have told that new sales manager to put his c8 where the sun doesnt shine. ...good fir you!

                            the delay for strike and now the delay for this virus thing is annoying...

                            meanwhile inventory especially on some really nice preowned products is the smarter play..

                            literally just had the conversation with my bettter half about why dont I just buy another sports car like a Jaguar or porsche...

                            she has been itching for me to get another brand of sports car for years...(doesnt have anything to do with the car she just wants to tell her girlfriends hes got a new brand of sports car)

                            i happen to prefer corvettes because how durable and trouble free they are plus my buddy who is a gm world class tech when is serving the corvette its like a few friends just shooting the breeze.

                            i dont blame you at all and that top of the line 991.1 or .2 turbo looks awesome...has awd...has the pdk...its got the centerlock wheels .,,fast as hell..handles great...brakes are awesome..its got the little shelf right behind you that in a pinch serves as seats for a 20 minutes jaunt across town for the kiddies or hot girlfriends friend...

                            interesting color...

                            post up more photos...tell us about how your enjoying its driving experience, the color , the price you paid..where you found it...what were they asking much did you get off...all the details would be cool...maybe a contact number too..

                            my advice as awesome as this 911 turbo is...just in case up Mike Furman over at crisswell chevy and put your name on the probably growing list for a c8 z06..

                            just in case when it rolls out in 2 odd years or so and you want a change..for the third year of porsche wonership before any major service is about to hit etc.l.if there is even one...

                            worst case scenerio when he calls you you can either place the order or cancel the reservation.

                            Mikes a good guy...I got a feeling the numbers and stars might align and you make the switch..

                            best move was taking the time to off the wacko dealership and move to the awesome preowned 911 turbo.

                            id be curious was it private party or certified inventory..too..

                            thats the turbo S too...


                            Share with us the details if you dont mind...

                            the waiting with the c8 is getting more little push like your guy did with a price scam and we d all jump too.

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                              I am being very patient been waiting for almost a year. In the interim, I enjoy drying my 88 911 and my 08 997 Turbo, 2 completely different roadsters both manual but looking forward to my C8, automatic specially during heavy So. Cal traffic...

                              Wish all you car enthusiast a Happy Memorial Day and my heart goes out to all our your Americans who lost their lives defending our great country..