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2020 C8 Corvette GM Premium Indoor Car Cover & Premium Floor Mat Review

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    The Lloyd floor Matt’s r beautifully!


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      Click image for larger version  Name:	40EFF22E-C309-448A-8974-652C42E9D3BA.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	151.3 KB ID:	195771
      there’s are the Loyd’s delux I used a fabric dye pen to stain the stingray blue ( did same for my C7 way back) I choose the black because I felt it really brought out the dark blue in my interior.
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        I like those mats , but kinda pricey, where is the best price on them


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          Originally posted by jagamajajaran View Post

          Thank you, John. I like it too.

          There is not a separate indoor cover for the high wing equipped C8. RHW is the indoor cover without the access panels for the front and rear hatches and WKQ is the indoor cover with the access panels. Those are the only available indoor covers.
          Jeremy or others that have experience with the premium covers with or without access panels, now that we are approaching storing cars for the winter at least in the Midwest, when I eventually get my car hopefully early December, I will be using the trickle charger. Since you need to access the charging port from the frunk the cord will need to drape across the front bumper I presume and either exit through the access panel or down through across the front bumper out the bottom of the cover.

          I am concerned about causing any scratching to the paint by the cord. I saw a video with Rich Conti showing how to use the cover with the charger just taking a microfiber towel draped across the car where the cord comes into contact with the car, but he was showing this from a C7 which is accessed through the rear which is not the case on the C8.

          He also made a very strong comment about not covering the car for at least 60 days to allow the paint to fully cure but not sure if this is case with the C8 or not.

          Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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            Doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on car covers out there and I am glad I found this video. Thank you Jeremy! My wife had purchased an outdoor cover that I am going to return. My car sits in my garage and was all clean until my contractor started cutting tile near the garage door. I now have a very light layer of dust on top that I have to wash off.


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              Originally posted by jagamajajaran View Post
              I ordered the GM Premium Indoor Car Cover and Premium Floor Mats for my 2020 Corvette last week and received them today. In this video, I review the two GM accessory items and request some viewer feedback on the floor mats. I hope the video is helpful to those considering these two C8 Corvette accessory items. Special thanks to Drive 615 for the clip of my 2020 Corvette that I use at the end of the video.

              Click image for larger version

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              Very nice fit for your over! But, I've had covers for various vehicles 2 wheel, 3 wheels and 4 wheels and I personally have never found the need to have both an indoor and outdoor cover. My outdoor covers work just as good and probably better than indoors. As for the carpets, I'm in Florida and subject to rain a lot so as with previous vehicles I'll be getting the all weather floor liners for my C8. You did a nice job on your video. Thank you. Tomg