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C8’s “Potential #1 Sales Impediment” For More Pre-Sold Orders Than It Can Deliver

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    Well if I can't get the ME I'll take the crystal silver hover ship, if not that, give me Racer Xs car! Photo courtesy
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      I’m 6’5” and willing to put on 45 lbs if Chevy wants me to drive a C8 for awhile. Otherwise I fit very well in a C7. Hope to fit in a C8 @ 205 lbs.
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        You are long and lean. I will bet you fit in the C8, and that a ME afterwards lives in your garage.
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          So. I firmly believe price won't be a major issue. It'll still be a Corvette: a bargain for the performance you get. Sure, price will go up some, but it will still be affordable for the majority of those interested. And given past history, demand will be high enough in the first year to sell out even if some find it too expensive. I mean, there are a bunch of people who own Z06s who will probably want one of these, and if they could afford a Z06 they'll be able to afford this.

          I'm pretty confident its looks will be "killer" to my eyes.

          And I don't think storage will keep many people from buying it. Yeah, some of us like to travel in our 'vettes, but there are just as many people who only put a few thousand miles a year on theirs. I think there will plenty of potential buyers who don't really care about trunk space. Or golf bags.

          Few buy convertibles anyway, so I don't see that fact that it's a hard top 'vert mattering much.

          Even fewer buy manual transmission 'vettes (or cars of any kind), so I don't see that really depressing sales.

          So what does that leave? There are definitely plenty of people posting online that the don't like the looks of the various renders, and a lot of those comments are directed at the cab-forward design. I guess that also rolls into the "not killer" category. But given the lowered production volumes at the plant, I suspect there will still be enough buyers to sell out the first year. But if anything causes sales to fall short, it'll be this.

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