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POLL: Planning To Keep or Remove Your V Emblem, the Stingray, or Corvette Letters?

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    Since my C8 is all Black, I feel that the carbon flash emblems and letters are very tasteful, and I'll be leaving them as is.
    In fact , the Chrome rear license plate frame that i had on my Arctic White C7, with the Stingray emblem, is now on the C8, and it looks out of place. I'll be looking to replace it with something black chrome or carbon fiber.
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      Originally posted by Meldoon View Post
      I am leaving the front badge, but I removed the lettering and the stingray. I will have Identification on the rear in the form of the license plate........

      Click image for larger version

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      Nice choice, lol
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        Originally posted by jagtoes View Post
        How about removing the nose shield and putting 1 on each fender similar to ferrari.
        Well, funny you should say that. I was recently on a Facebook site for C8's and the owner was trying to find out where to buy a C8 hood badge. (Someone tipped him to the Museum's store). Anyway, his plan is to remove the badge from the nose and (along with his new one) place it not on the fender but on the quarter panel immediately in front of the rear wheel well. I think the C8.R logo is affixed there on the race cars.

        But regardless, isn't the nose emblem molded (in the middle) to the crease of the C8 nose? How would one flatten it without destroying the chrome (or black chrome) emblem surround? Interesting idea but above my pay grade.

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          Originally posted by Frenzy36 View Post
          Leaving them on as I want people to freak out and say - That's a Corvette? Plus possibly there will be less questions.
          Although I did think about changing the back from C O R V E T T E to C H E V E T T E just to freak people out.
          Have you thought about changing it to C O R V A I R?
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            Don't do it. It is not a 49 Ford.


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              If you ARE planning to remove any badges, be cautious using a heat gun to soften the adhesive:

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