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A 2020 will cost to you

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  • A 2020 will cost to you

    Like it or not this is going to become a genuine issue. How much depreciation is there if you take a 2020 C8 instead of a 2021 C8? I think in resale value versus how much more time you may have the 2020 before the season ends

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    Not a concern at all..... my 60k C8 was the bargain of the Century .....assuming I actually get it....
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      Same thing will happen next year, you'll take a hit on the 2021 than the 2022. At some point you either ****, or get off the pot.
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        Originally posted by Sparro View Post
        Same thing will happen next year, you'll take a hit on the 2021 than the 2022. At some point you either ****, or get off the pot.
        Yeah! What he said! 👍😎
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          Life's too short to worry about resale value.


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            Resale value never figures into a car purchase for me and my wife , we buy a car and drive it . what fun is buying something like this , only to worry about how much you can sell it for.


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              Originally posted by Sparro View Post
              Same thing will happen next year, you'll take a hit on the 2021 than the 2022. At some point you either ****, or get off the pot.
              Even without TP!
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                I'm not sure about any other friends here but it seems like they always add something the next year to a vehicle & price goes up . Always saying I should have waited . With this car if I could get it now I'd be saying GIMME THE KEYS (fob) LoL 😂
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                A thought if I might ...


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                  Since the car would have sold 99.9% if it had started at what is is worth at $69,995, playing with house money.
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                    John has a very good point as do others. I am just getting anxious. I don't know what is worse still being at 1100 as others or in my case this was my production week 3/23??


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                      Automobiles, laptops, cell phones, etc. Buy it today, there’s a new version out to tomorrow. Might as well as jump in at some point, or you’re always standing on the sidelines.
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                        I happen to agree with the original poster. I never understood why GM just do a very short 2020 model run and then move to a 2021 model year since deliveries have been so delayed.

                        i usually keep my cars for more than 3 years and by the fourth and fifth model year depreciation is minimal.

                        i would have thought jumping to following model year designation would have been a smarter plan but since they didnt I just placed my order and sit at status 3000. Hopefully Ill take delivery by july or august now that GM is again delayed at least a month.

                        august delivery of a 2020 versus a september delivery of a 2021? Id go for the 2021 if the price was identical.

                        I imagine the 2020 will depreciate 5 grand more than 2021 model sold in the 3rd or 4th year. (I dont really care and this is just analytical discussion)

                        its just a wild guess and all that said..ill take delivery of a 2020 c8 as soon as comes to the dealership ...

                        whenever that may be...

                        sometimes a little extra depreciation just doesnt matter
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                          Yes but if you plan to sell for a ZR1 or a Z06 as I plan to do that year of depreciation coupled with some new goodies on a 2021 will mean something. I'm still a belt and suspenders sort of guy, certainly not the kid who rips open the packaging just to get at the toy. As it is im stuck paying sticker for this car which I'm really not thrilled about ( if you are then God bless you) I just don't want to get banged twice that's all I'm saying


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                            I gotta believe there will be little if any change between the 2020 and 2021 cars. I'm at status 3000 as of mid February and fingers crossed that I get a 2020 no matter the ultimate date. Only because I will surely get it sooner than I would a 2021. I've gone thru all the the emotions in this process. Had promises of late April to May delivery which I realize are now long gone. Reality of this has set in and I hope now to get it as soon as realistically possible but not at the expense of the health of any of the BG employees. This is my second and very likely last Corvette purchase so resale will be my heirs problem. I am also doing museum delivery and would prefer to wait until they get back to normal so we can enjoy that to its fullest.


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                              Originally posted by Sparro View Post
                              At some point you either ****, or get off the pot.
                              Defecate or Abdicate!
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