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Tricky To Bleed C8 Brakes

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    Originally posted by Panic Button View Post
    If GM says to do a pressure bleed, then what I've been doing for years should be the same thing. I have a one person brake bleeding system that uses my air compressor to create a vacuum at a hose that is attached to the brake bleeder.

    After removing most of the fluid from the reservoir, but leaving enough so no air can be introduced into the system, I then fill with fresh fluid, Starting at the furthest away wheel, I attach the hose from the bleeder system to the bleeder, activate the vacuum, open the bleeder and watch for clean fluid to appear in the clear hose. I then close the bleeder, check and fill the reservoir, then do the other three.

    GM says to pressure bleed, so what I'm doing is similar, just letting atmospheric pressure push the fluid through the system once the bleeder is open with a vacuum source at the bleeder.

    One thing I like about this system, it creates no mess. When done properly, not one drop of brake fluid is spilled anywhere and all the old fluid ends up in the recovery tank. It doesn't require a second person and there's no pedal pushing involved.

    Last summer I flushed all three of my cars, two non ABS and my 2006 HHR with ABS. I've never had any issues at all using this system and it's probably the best, cheapest tool I've ever bought. I've even used it for brake systems that had been drained and had lots of air in it, no issues.

    Can anyone take a guess where I bought this brake bleeding system?

    Cheers, PB
    Vacuum bleeding isn't quite the same as pressure bleeding. All of the brake components are above atmospheric pressure when pressure bleeding. The wetted brake components are slightly under atmospheric pressure during vacuum bleeding. This could cause some air to be drawn into the system. This slightly lower pressure isn't a concern on most braking systems but the C8 "brake by wire" system is similar to a hybrid vehicle braking system. Most hybrid manufacturers specify not using a vacuum bleeder.
    Vacuum bleeding a C8 might work fine but I don't think I'd want to be the first person to try it.
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      Thank you Panic Button and RKCRLR for your info on the advantages of pressure bleeding.
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        Common knowledge to start bleeding with the wheel furthest from the MASTER CYLINDER, but with some ABS systems (the C4 ABS unit was behind the passenger seat), the ABS unit is not in the same location as the Master Cylinder. So....which wheel do you start with....furthest from the Master Cylinder, or furthest from the actual ABS unit ? Would like to note that I have had my stock C4 at numerous HPDE and always flushed the system with the traditional 2-man system of pumping the brake pedal...never had an issue.


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          You always start bleeding the brakes circuit with the longest run. Usually that is the back right then back left front right and then front left. But with different configurations, the sequence might be different.
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