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Aw man, something didn't make it into my final order

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  • Aw man, something didn't make it into my final order

    I'm not as bummed as I would be normally in view of what's going on in the world right now, but I didn't notice that in my initial list of options I wanted in my email to Kerbeck, the two-tone seat option never made it into the purchase agreement. I now have a Natural interior (not dipped), but I wanted the middle of the seats to be black.

    Oh well.

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    Sorry to hear you didnt get the vehicle option you mentioned.

    im sure the natural seats will be stunning all the same.
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      Don’t feel bad, I think the solid color seats will look much nicer and be a better re-sale item.


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        I think you’re gonna drive the car and never think about the seats again!
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          Personally, I like the all natuaral as opposed to the two tone. I think you will have no issue with your car.


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            Maybe this will make you feel better! Click image for larger version

Name:	549C8282-471B-43D0-A0A4-362390227C9F.jpeg
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              I understand how frustrating that would be but I think you be happy with the all natural.


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                We do like ours except at certain angles the perforations make it look dingy and it’s not. But it still looks great in my eyes😁


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                  I’m sorry that happened. I bet you will fall in love with the way it is.


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                    A quality auto upholstery shop could fix that for you. Might not be too terribly expensive, if you feel as strongly about it as some would.

                    If your email was your last instruction to Kerbeck, and you didn't sign an incorrect purchase agreement, maybe they would help you with that expense?
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                      Originally posted by Jimsue8 View Post
                      We do like ours except at certain angles the perforations make it look dingy and it’s not. But it still looks great in my eyes😁
                      I thought that might be a problem. I also thought it might be difficult to keep the holes clean and it would show more on lighter colored seats. I ordered the two tone with black centers and light gray on the sides. Although I am not a fan of black seats it looked like the best solution to me.


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                        Super sorry to hear that Vic, IMHO the solid color seat will still really look awesome with SO exterior. This exact color combo was 1 of my final 3 color choices.

                        She will be stunning my friend!
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                          After I committed to the coupe, I saw the vert for the first time. Mistake. Did not time choose the convertible. Because had not personally seen it and production start time was unknown. But later saw it. And late the virus made production time uncertain, period.

                          But the coupe will be fully satisfying. If can get it. Also regretfully, did not choose interior carbon fiber and 3LT.

                          Is all rapped up in the "future state of mind" stuff. That's mine. Acting on current thought/emotion and hoping it will please me tomorrow.

                          But yours was a typo type or proofread miss.

                          The natural is out of sight beautiful, on its own. Kind of think that if I go a delivery of Natural interior by surprise and mistake, I would not let it go . It is stunning. Lot of folks think it will show soiling too easily. That's wha spooked me.

                          I'm assuming that Natural is the 3LT tan interior
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                            Having a car delivered that has a slightly different build from what I'm expecting is something I'm still a little concerned about. If my two-tone seats are missing would I refuse delivery? Doubtful but if the interior was the wrong color it would be an easy no (I think).


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                              Thanks everyone. To answer a question, yes it's 3LT. And yeah, again, the reason was the "dirty" seat look. It'll be fine, just a tiny bit not as special.