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C8 Mid Engine Interior Colors

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  • C8 Mid Engine Interior Colors

    What did the C7 offer us as to interior color selections, and might that help us predict what the C8’s Interior color selection might be?


    Offering the C7’s exact interior colors (not just your primary choice) you wanted was a challenge, needing good customer smarts and an informed salesperson too. Color decisions of course included the not just the seat color, but also effected, often varying with the different trim levels, the amount and location of the colored leather, suede and vinyl pieces on the dashboard, the door cards, the console, the steering wheel, and the shift boot. And mainly painfully remember that different color carpeting was mandated based on your primary interior color option — and no flexibility there even with a $590 “color override” option. We also remember that without that color override selection, we could not get every interior color with every exterior color.

    Throughout the C7 generation, we were offered 5 different interior color options. And with colored stitching becoming an option mid-gen, as well as suede vs leather choices in certain trim configurations, collectively one of the most challenging decisions for many C7’s buyers was learning about the different colors, options and interplay of what was available, and secondly, how to choose the exact seat options code to get what you wanted.

    Here is the 2019 interior color chart:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F7EC6998-2447-40B9-9DE7-543B2009AA1B.png Views:	1 Size:	281.6 KB ID:	11320

    Here is what the 2019 seat chart looks like.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5459B9A7-8835-44FC-8AA3-75E700ACCAC7.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	466.5 KB ID:	11319

    For those who choose to order their cars, choosing one’s interior started with intensive study. For those who go the NCM Bash in April to help them learn how to select their options, including their interiors, who can forget the excellent yearly presentations by Ryan Vaughan, Chief Interior Designer, characteristics by his Power Point presentations, and his bringing actual leather production color swatches to help us all see for ourselves what the colors really look like up close and personal. Here is just one of tens and tens of his PowerPoint screens showing us all the many variations we had (and had to choose from if we ordered) for our C7's.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_9091 (1) Ryan.jpg
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    Thankfully Ryan was always available afterwards to help all answer their individual questions, and without him, not sure that my wife and I would have been to make the choices we did. Since he was promoted this Spring to a lead role in GM China, we hope his successor is there to similarly guide us at next April’s BASH.

    Starting at 26:00 in this video, is the 2013 presentation on “Color and Trim” options the C7 offered us.

    C8 Interior Colors:

    We know no specifics, but again believe that like the C7 gen, GM will offer us 5 different interior colors for the C8. If nothing else, they will not want to be seen as reducing choices for the ME, especially as many of the ME’s competition offer quite an array of interior color and other options.

    100% guessing here, but based on C7’s purchasing patterns, as chosen by its buyers, we will again likely see the following ME color choices.





    Color # 5 (???)

    And could those color choices again change at different times during the C8 generation, i.e., many of us fondly remember “Brownstone.”

    I am further guessing that we will have C8 interior stitching options as we did for certain colors for our C7’s?

    What would you like to see as the 5th interior color for the ME?
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    I like the dark gray in my 2016 Z06 and was a little surprised that they discontinued it.

    I also like the blue interior that came with the twilight blue package.
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      We have and love the dark gray as yours Brad, in our ‘15 Z06. The Twilight Blue is a gorgeous color. Somehow when we were buying, that color did not work with our other options we were choosing (.e.g. Velocity Yellow), but maybe one of these two could appear again?

      Personally, we would also really like a return of Brownstone. A friend, forum member “Buzz,” had Brownstone on his 2015 (a Night Race Blue convertible); it was a very rich-looking, an exquisite combination.
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        Click image for larger version

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ID:	11356 Burgundy or Spice Red
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          I want all black. Meaning including headliner and A pillars. Not sure it's mentioned in the tables. Some of the mule pics bother me.


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            Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone of us has a choice or more than that, we would really want.
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              Black interior works for me yet i hope the c8 offers the choices you guys are looking for.


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                Torch Red, Black interior, red stitching. Please???


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                  Colors are a personal preference. I will take any interior color as long as it is black.


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                    Originally posted by Heartbeat View Post
                    Torch Red, Black interior, red stitching. Please???
                    Heartbeat, I think your color tri-preference combinationare the safest combo of any we have seen.

                    Not that we won’t have black as an exterior color and other individual choices.
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                      Flame suit on, now, I can’t stand the grey interior.
                      Otherwise it kind of depends on exterior colors. Black should stay and I like our adrenaline red. Kalahari is good and I liked brownstone.

                      In I’m sure it’s hard to find something that works with several exterior colors.

                      I loved the Callaway speedster in green with the purple interior but not very adaptable.

                      Maybe something lighter toward white.
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                        Bet you get several choices you would like. Thankfully especially for optional special editions, we always get interior color choices.
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                          I am all in with the Kalahari interior. Currently driving Shark Grey w/ Kalahari and my wife loves it. It will make it an easier C8 purchase!!!


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                            We sure hope that Kalahari, or its cousin-to-it color, would continue. It is a very rich color. We might get it next time, for it reminds us of the XKEs, Ferraris and other non-affordable’s to us cars we feel in love with many decades ago.
                            Excited owners of a 2015 Z06. Lifetime, annual contributors, and 20 year members of NCM. Our 2020 ME C8 Corvette is next.


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                              Brownstone was, I think, only available in 3LT/LZ interiors. It came standard with contrasting light brown stitching. My original exterior color choice for my 2015 C7 was Velocity Yellow Tintcoat with Brownstone Interior. By the time my dealer finally received an allocation for all of my C7's "bits and pieces", Velocity Yellow was "Constrained" and not available for the dealer's allocation! I was almost forced to change exterior colors to get a 2015 car. I chose DSOM but stuck with my choice of Brownstone. Actually, we've been very satisfied with the DSOM exterior color but in a heartbeat, I would order again Brownstone interior. I'm hoping for a 4LT (or whatever) interior in the C8 that will add more sound deadening and have Brownstone as an option. I've always liked the mix of a dark brown and contrasting black in a leather jacket and probably why the Brownstone interior would again be my first choice in the C8!