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C8 3LT Z51 sells for $13,995 over list on ebay

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  • C8 3LT Z51 sells for $13,995 over list on ebay

    The C8 from Mac Haick Chevrolet sold for $80,8825 which according to my calculations is $13,955 over list. It was produced but unclaimed.
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    We all know everyone loves the car but I hate to see a dealer take advantage in that way. I guess that's the Free Market.
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      The listing says $94,800. I am surprised it didn’t go for $100k+.


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        That's one of the last 50 CTF cars GM offered to select dealerships. Capitalism at work. When a dealer has slow selling cars on the lot they cut prices. When they have rare, high demand cars and people are willing to pay more.....

        I read elsewhere that the 3 CTF cars Criswell got were sold at over MSRP, but have no confirmation of that.
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          A fool and their money are soon departed.


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            Can't blame the dealer , smart business decision to auction it. On the other hand , the person who paid 13,000 over sticker , well ??????


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              It's probably BS. Look at their terrible feedback rating. I wouldn't even consider buying a hubcap from them.

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                That is actually a little less of a premium than I would have thought. There are many local dealers where I live with 5k and 10k ADMs.

                This bidder skipped right to the front for only 14k.


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                  Well, at least they have a car. Today we find out all of our TPW are no longer valid and we await for new TPW to be assigned. This could be good, or who knows. Anticipation is great isn't it. I can't imagine those on here with deposits for years waiting for their baby to be built and delivered.
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                    It's not worth 13k for me to give up my car, at 50k I would.


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                      Originally posted by joehebertiii View Post
                      The C8 from Mac Haick Chevrolet sold for $80,8825 which according to my calculations is $13,955 over list. It was produced but unclaimed.

                      Well, if:
                      the base car is 60K.
                      Z51 is 5K.
                      3LT is 12K
                      MSRP is about = 77K .

                      add in FE4 and thats 2K more

                      80K is near MSRP.
                      So, if it sold for 94K then that is about 13K over MSRP.


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                        a Dealer should never sell above list, I have no use for that dealer....Chevrolet should stop that...thats my opinion....being in the electrical supply for 48 years and I NEVER sold any thing at Msrp never mind above list......


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                          I would stay away from Mac Haick Chevrolet in Houston just for that reason. Definitely not a customer oriented dealership. They probably say they did nothing wrong in doing the transaction. No , nothing illegal, just improper.


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                            As far as I know, no one held a gun to the buyers head. We’re probably gonna see private sales, too. Some people are willing to pay a premium to get to the front of the line.
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                              As this was a captured C8, was this sold before it was shipped to dealer.? I have been told by multiple sources that these vehicles are being sent to certain dealers because with most dealers being sold out for the 2020 production year, this is to have a C8 available to show the public. I was told this morning that these are not intended to be sold to customers.

                              My dealership is sold out and we have 14 deposits for 2021’s. That means no inventory to show a customer well into 2021 model year run.

                              Can anyone from Chevrolet confirm what the correct information is?