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Concierge Overwhelmed Not Answering Calls

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    I spoke to the concierge’s that I’ve been dealing with for quite a while today. The staff was down because some of them were at the Daytona race and then at the track in Las Vegas for training. They are all back now and trying to catch up on all the inquiries. It seems a lot of what they are doing is giving people statuses on their orders which could be received from the selling dealer. They have been great with me and I appreciate the info I have been given.
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      It seems there are many on here that must call the concierge a few times a day for updates? With the rollout of the new car this is multiplied. GM had the choice of constraints or pulling an option.

      i would agree with the other suggestions and take the car as built and have the missing accessories installed at a later date. That is how you really want it or you would not have ordered it that way. As for 36 month warranty on the CF pieces, I cannot think of what manufacturers defect would show up down the road?

      I feel for you Frenzy and understand the frustration. A year down the road this will probably just be a bad memory.
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