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Saving Over $7,000 After Going to Barrett Jackson Today.

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  • Saving Over $7,000 After Going to Barrett Jackson Today.

    I flew out to Barrett Jackson today to check out the C8's and more. It was a ton of fun! My main reason for going was to see the SBO as I had selected that color for my build, but had not seen it in person. Boy am I glad I did. (This is my 4th time going to see the C8, but my first where there is more than 1 on display). Prior to going today, my C8 Build (also my first Corvette) was an HTC 3LT Z51, MRC, E60 SBO w/ Black Int & Yellow Stitching.

    Here's what I learned from each of the cars there and having the ability to do the comparison between them. (Just my opinions) Hearing how so many of us have struggled with our choices, I figured I would share this in the hope it may help some of you make decisions.

    Black with Silver Stripes - The stripes look good, but you have to be cautious with them as I saw there were a couple of scratches and nicks in the stripes already. On the spoiler, there was one chip in the stripe. This car also had the yellow calipers, seat belt, and stitching. All looked really good in the black car.

    I got to spend quite a bit of time sitting in both the Black and the SGM, both of which had competition seats. You got to do that after being whipped around a track with drift driver in a new Camaro (really fun!). I personally found the competition seats to be very comfortable, however, the side bolsters were pretty snug (I am 5'7" and pretty trim). I imagine anyone with a jean size over 32" waist will find the Comp Seats really snug and possibly uncomfortable. Later I went to the Chevy display to compare the stiffness of the foam in all the seats, and quite frankly they all felt the same. The GT1, GT2, & Comp seats all felt like they had the same foam density. The major difference was the size of the Comp Seat side bolsters. Also, I could not really feel any difference between the Napa and Mulan leathers. Which to me means I certainly won't feel the difference when sitting in them.

    SGM - Didn't really do much for me as a color. But again, I got to spend quite a bit of time in the car. I was able to turn on the radio and listen to some music as well. The sound was very clear even when turned up pretty loud.

    AW - I like white cars. And the AW looks pretty good on the C8. But nothing special IMO. In fact, when I was walking around I saw the newer Ford GT in all white, and it too didn't look that great compared to some of the more exciting colors. But I did learn a few things from the AW C8. The GT1 seats look really nice in the car. I had thought I made up my mind that I wanted the GT2's. But I found myself preferring the clean, simple lines of the GT1. And after comparing the firmness of each of the seats, I am now going to go with them instead. Also, the GT1 center inserts have much smaller vent holes (not sure why). But that "dirty" look people were complaining about with the grey GT2 seats, does not occur with the Grey GT1 seats. BTW, anyone ordering an AW with Grey interior, I think you will be pleased - if you're going for the clean look.

    ELB - I want to love this color. In fact, the first build I had submitted was ELB. But for some reason, I tell my brain I like it, but I can't seem to get excited about it. So I've crossed it off my list once and for all. What I did learn from this car though is the 2-Tone Black/Grey seats just don't look that great. Which surprised me as I thought I would love them (I have 2-tone seats in my Boxster). Again, I find myself liking the clean simple lines of the GT1 (which really surprised me).

    SBO - Ok, this was a big lesson for me. The SBO is a really cool color (IMO) when direct light is hitting it. I had the opportunity to see it with different lighting from different angles and when there is no direct light, the color transforms into a dull burnt orange. And for me, that just does not work. It becomes even more apparent when you see it next to a Torch Red C8. It is an exotic color, but I just realized it's just not for me after all. Being that the SBO was a 3LT, I really paid close attention to the leather on the dash to compare to the 2LT dash. First, the 2LT dash looks great to me. On the 3LT, I did notice some scratches in the leather, maybe from a key or something. Got me thinking that the 2LT may be easier to take care of?

    I also found myself really liking the carbon flash roof with the SBO. Which surprised me as I did not like it when I saw it on the Rapid Blue C8 at the LA Auto Show. So I am undecided if I will get that with my build or not.

    AYM - This was my 2nd time seeing the yellow. I saw it indoors at the SD Auto Show and thought it looked pretty decent. Yellow has never been my favorite, but I found myself sorta digging it then. Today I saw it outdoors in natural light and to me, it was not that great of a color.

    TR - I was trying with all my might to avoid TR as I've never really been a fan of red on most cars. But every time I've seen a red C7 I find myself looking at it and loving it. Even on the Lyft ride from the airport to Barret Jackson today, I saw a red C7 on the road and it immediately grabbed my attention. So it was with the TR C8. What I learned from the TR C8 is not only do I want my first Corvette to be red now but the all-black interior looks pretty sharp with the red stitching. However, I found myself finding the all-black interiors (on the SGM, Black, and TR cars) kinda plain compared to the other options. This surprised me as I had chosen an all-black interior with yellow stitching for the SBO build. Also, the black mirrors and spoiler look great in black on the TR (and the SBO).

    In summary here is what I learned:

    1. All seats, to me, feel like they have the same firmness.
    2. The comp seats will likely be a really tight fit if you're not trim
    3. The GT1 seats don't have the "dirty" look due to having much smaller vent holes.
    4. The stripes showed signs of wear.
    5. The GT1 seats look really nice (IMO). The contrast of the seat against the black looks really clean.
    6. The SBO really changes in color depending on the lighting.
    7. Napa and Mulan leather really felt the same to the touch. I really couldn't tell the difference.

    If any of you are on the fence about sticking with 2LT and GT1 Seats (thinking you really need the GT2 or the 3LT), I was too. But after today, I'm really pleased with the 2LT/GT1 offering. Good job GM!

    So how has going to Barret Jackson saved me over $7k?

    I've decided to go 2LT instead of 3LT ($4,650 saved). I will stick with the GT1 seats as well (as I thought I would have upgraded them even with 2LT). Going to go with Torch Red instead of SBO ($995 saved). Since I am not getting the GT2 seats, I will forgo the Interior Carbon Fiber Trim as well ($1,500 Saved). By switching to the TR, I would add $395 for the red calipers. But I save $395 for not getting yellow stitching. So that's a wash. The only other thing that may do is add the CF Roof.

    Overall, my trip to Barrett Jackson looks like it is going to save me $7,145. Not to mention getting a color I was not thrilled with after seeing it for the first time. I'm just really thankful I had the opportunity to see a bunch of cars together. And I hope this post helps some of you with your decisions.

    I'd say that was a pretty good ROI for my travel today :-)

    QUESTION - Has anyone seen the Natural 2LT GT1 interior in person? If so, what are your thoughts on it compared to the grey?

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    Congrats on investigating the various colors and options you do and do not prefer.

    thanks for sharing your insights.

    lots of great personal choices.

    im digging torch red exterior black interior z51 fe4 and calling it a day.

    im not painting calibers or special colored stitching or colored seatbelts.

    im not doing carbon fiber interior or exterior packages as its just not my thing.

    once I own the car awhile and the after,arket comes out with things that catch my eye...ill consider my options.

    your new to corvettes so consider that the aftermarket offers tons of items for corvettes.....its half the fun down the road...

    makes it like the journey never ends and just keeps getting better and better.

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      Thanks for the insight. Do you have any pictures? We can all agree to disagree as color choices are purely personal. Good thing there are 12 body colors and different interior options.
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        That is excellent analysis and I am sure will be helpful to many others. Thank you very much. Glad you trip was also such a financial success.

        One thing that needs to be stated, and that is factually the Comp Seats (identical to the C7’s Comp Seats) have 20% denser foam than both of the GT seat options. That 20% firmer foam is necessary to prevent cushioning submarine/compacting when undertaking maximum braking at the end of a straightaway as well as sideways compressioning of the foam when cornering at very high G loads.

        Glad for you your subjective feeling that the foam felt the same density to you, thus allowing you to save money, but I needed to note the Comp Seat cushioning 20% greater firmness is a factual matter confirmed by Tristan Murphy, Chief Interior Designer, to me in a 1-to-1 conversation on 7.181.19 (not an iota of doubt in his statement of that factual firmness difference). That density difference, from personal experience is not something I noticed in the C7 seats until after I had sat in each for length of 15 minutes. Until then I was comfortable with the foam density on both, but starting at 15 minutes, and especially at 20 minutes, the Comp Seat cushion were, to me, too firm and causing me back of thighs and back of butt unhappiness.

        I further commend your analysis of the Comp Seat’s possible narrowness discomfort when you posted.

        ). I personally found the competition seats to be very comfortable, however, the side bolsters were pretty snug (I am 5'7" and pretty trim). I imagine anyone with a jean size over 32" waist will find the Comp Seats really snug and possibly uncomfortable.
        I really appreciate your posting that cautioning. I totally agree and why I have posted this many times, urging no one to order the Comp Seats unless they are a most weekends track racer AND have sat in them in the C8’s version (even sharper angle bolsters and longer length ones both in the back of the seat and the seat cushioning areas). After a person has sat in them , if everyone but me were to order the Comp Seats, good on everyone else. They

        Thanks again drbodzin for your detailed reporting. It will be helpful to many — and we are all glad you are going to save a ton of money too.
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          Great, helpful information and perspectives. Thanks for sharing!


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            Thanks from me as well. I had agonized over the GT1 vs GT2 seats and had to make my decision back in September, without any of the information that's come out since. I chose GT1 in 2LT trim and kept wondering if I'd done the right thing. I think I'll be OK.
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              I’m getting ELB with sky cool grey interior and two-tone GT2 seats.I was considering natural with two tone seats but when I was finally able to see the swatch I thought the natural was kind of mustard colored. Thought it would be more of a tan color. You were smart to go look at the colors in person. All the photos and videos I’ve seen don’t do the colors justice. If I hadn’t seen the swatch I probably would have gone with the natural and I don’t think I would’ve liked it.
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                Addressing a couple of things posted above:

                I've only seen the GT1 seats in black, not natural. But based on the TR / Natural Dipped car at NCM and Carlisle, and photos of the 2LT, I think the Torch Red / Natural combination looks fantastic, and I like the Natural / black combination better than the Dipped interior. I think the gray leather is too light, too close to white, and will be a real pain to keep clean. For whatever reason, I think the natural looks better in all one color, the gray in two-tone.

                Seeing and sitting in the TR, Natural Dipped 3LT at both Carlisle and NCM, I don't think the natural is even a little bit orange. It is a very neutral tan color. The Kalahari leather on the C7 was very orange, but not the Natural.

                I sat in both the GT1 and GT2 seats, and couldn't tell the difference. Maybe on a long drive it would be noticeable, but I agree there is little if any difference. And even in the GT2 seat only the central areas are Napa. The bolsters are Mulan on both (which may be why the OP didn't notice a difference). The only reason I'm considering the GT2 seats is to get the fake suede inserts, which I have on my C7 and really like. But that becomes a $2100 option since you have to upgrade to GT2 and pay another $600 for the suede steering wheel. Hard to justify, especially since I don't want a suede wheel, and the "look dirty" issue of the GT2.
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                  Extremely thoughtful post. Thank you for taking the time to write up all that information.
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                    What I did learn from this car though is the 2-Tone Black/Grey seats just don't look that great. Which surprised me as I thought I would love them (I have 2-tone seats in my Boxster)
                    What did you not like about 2-tone black/grey seats and do you feel the same way about 2-tone red/black seats? Did you notice if A-pillars and head liner were grey and did in brighten up the interior.


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                      Great post! I assume SBO stands for Se Bring Orange Tintcoat?

                      Your observation on tintcoat colors is a good one. Tintcoats show up very differently under different lighting conditions - that’s why some people like them a lot. Long Beach Red is the other tintcoat that looks very different in sunlight versus shade.


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                        Excellent write-up, thanks for the detail you provided. 👍

                        I find orange is a difficult color to get right on any car. Some of the cars I've bought previously have offered an orange and I really, really wanted to like the color, but I find that under cloudy conditions it tends to turn a little muddy. GM offered an orange in the C6 generation that stood up better (to my eyes).

                        Of course, in endlessly sunny California, Sebring Orange probably works out perfectly!


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                          Ok, I am still getting orange and am happy with my decision...I have seen most colors and can say there are color choices that don’t look attractive in various lighting conditions...if you expect to only drive your car when the light is perfect you will definitely have a low mileage car...I enjoyed the analysis but in the end....I think any c8 will look great.....especially if I’m driving it....
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                            drbodzin - thank you for taking the time to share your observations/opinion in your informative post!

                            Colors definitely do have their 'optimum lighting conditions' - I've observed that for the most part, brighter colors do better in bright lighting and darker colors in overcast conditions. Like black or dark grey, for example - a clean black car can look stunning when it's overcast, or sunrise/sunset, reflecting its surroundings, but not look so good under direct sunlight.

                            I'm going with Sebring Orange, and I was definitely concerned that it could look muddy or flat under some conditions, like the non-metallic orange on Subaru Crosstreks. But, after seeing it in person, on a C8 indoors at the dealer, and on C7's outdoors under sunlight and overcast lighting, am happy with my decision. SBO tintcoat seems to be able to range from having yellow highlights to looking almost red depending on the lighting.

                            Seeing the gorgeous Sebring Orange Z06 below that was for sale at a local dealership on an overcast day showed me that the tintcoat helps it from becoming too flat. It also helped assure me that my choice of red calipers was going to be okay, and it wouldn't clash with the orange. The red calipers can compliment the other bits of red on the car like the tail lights and Corvette logo, and provides a bit of color behind an otherwise black wheel.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	SBO-Z06.jpg Views:	0 Size:	213.9 KB ID:	104062
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                              While color is very 'subjective' I really enjoyed reading you analysis. I can't tell you how many friends I've had over the years that ran out and bought or ordered a new Corvette without ever reviewing their options (much less trying 'em out). A couple months later they're selling the car because they are so dissatisfied with something they could have avoided with just a little bit of study.

                              Thanks for the GREAT review! By the way, did you buy anything at B-J's??? I go to 3 or 4 Mecum's a year with my buddies and we always seem to come back with something. Earlier this month all I bought was a cheeseburger and a shirt! My wife 'smiled'.....