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Challenge to help C8 buyers present and future

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  • Challenge to help C8 buyers present and future

    This is in my opinion the best C8 forum, information abounds here and is easy to find and every member treats you like family! So here is the challenge I am almost deaf so the use of the phone is terrifying and I do not have the contacts that have the answer; I have never seen a video or read this information in a manner that is easily understood or reliable.
    What is the procedure for Corvettes ready to ship. This I assume is a logistic nightmare that someone has the answer to. If shipping by train what is/are the rout's taken depots used for staging for dealership delivery, how long are the trips depot to depot. Which Corvettes are shipped out first ones by transport truck or ones by train..Are C8 Corvettes going to be split like in the past some via train some by transport truck or all transport truck. I know this is a giant undertaking but who has information and who is will to dig into the only secret left about when our cars will arrive. This forum knows everything about our beloved C8 Corvette except how will they be transported.
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    I was wondering how that might work. I remember one of John's posts regarding ordering, and what happens, mentioned shipping and implied the routes were the transporter's responsibility. Then I wondered if the Map posted by Murph might give a clue as to locations which already have TPWs... but they seem to be evenly scattered across the country. Hopefully someone may have better info... which would be interesting. In the mean time, see the red pins, which have build dates.
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      I'm in Northern Indiana, so my car will ship by transporter from the factory. I expect the car will arrive at the dealership within 2 weeks of March 16th, which is my TPW.
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        For the C7, the closer dealers to BG (within about 1000 miles but I really don't know the exact details) had the cars shipped to them on transporters. Cars going to further dealers were shipped by rail and then transporter. That took a lot longer. There are rumors that all C8s will be delivered by transporter but it has not been verified.
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