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What's the 1st Song You'll Listen to in Your C8?

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    I like having the top down and tunes cranking, but I'm joining the LT2 soundtrack gang for the first drive for 2 reasons.
    First, I want to hear the new car, with and without NPP open. I want to hear the road and hear the motor as the revs gently climb to the mid rpm range. As a 3 pedal guy, for street cruising, I learn the sound of the car and get to point where I know what rpm I'm at and when to shift without having to look at the tach.
    Second, listening to many of the great tunes suggested would only put me into the mood to flog the car. It's hard enough to baby the car when new, no less when a tune like I can't drive 55 is blaring.

    If I pick the car up locally, after I get home is when I'll play with the radio.
    Atomic Orange C6. Plenty of engine and suspension mods.

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      Tradition... The first song played on 8 track in my new 1978 TransAm was Live and Let Die by McCartney and Wings. I have played it first in every new car since. Been waiting for the C8 to go mid engine for awhile! Breaking a string of five Jaguar convertibles including current F-type SVR. Can't wait to get her out to Willow Springs!

      PS followed by Baby Driver (Simon and Garfunkel} Maybelline (Chuck Berry) and I Love LA!


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        Didn't buy the car to listen to music....doubt I will ever turn the radio on.....


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          Originally posted by Vairworks View Post

          Thank you Mobius for starting this topic. I have spent waaaay too much time trying to listen to and watch everyone's choices for "First Songs" for their C8. I think this thread should be made into a "Sticky" so it will be easy to find. It would be nice to compile everyone's choices onto a "C8 First Songs" flash drive to commemorate the launch of this new evolution of our favorite car. I'd buy one!

          Anyway, I chased down an incredible version of kdlp's suggestion of Pablo Cruise's 0 to 60 in 5. There are two great guitar rips on here, but that bass man...WOW!

          Vairworks..... Your comment on the "bass" got me curious so I checked out your link. I have never seen that video before... now I get it! The original studio version is the only version I had heard prior to this morning. Nice find!

          The 1st time I heard this song I was driving from Spokane, Washington to North Central Montana. I left Spokane in the dark at about 5am. My route into Montana including crossing two mountain passes in my T-top (tops off) L-82 '76 Vette. It was cool, there was no one on the highway (2 lanes all to myself) with Couer d'alene Lake on my right and I had nothing to do but keep it between the lines. This song (0 to 60 in 5) came up on a new album (Lifeline) that I'd just bought and I just kept playing it over and over. (and, as I recall, driving faster and faster...)

          Kellogg, Wallace, St. Regis... they all just kind of flew by.... a great car on a great highway with a great soundtrack!

          BTW, a later experience proved that it's also a great soundtrack for a drive from Helena to Great Falls, MT (Wolf Creek Canyon)... just in case you're in the neighborhood.


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          • #65
            Sorry, I couldn't resist. The HOLD music from OnStar when the Dealer has you register on Delivery.

            Don't Stop Believin, by Journey!!!


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              Mine's gotta be Bat Out of Hell then the rest of the Meat Loaf album followed by Queen then so many of the great songs mentioned above.
              TPW March 2. 3LT, Z51, FE4, Black GBA, ZZ3, Black interior with Red seats/red stitch HU0 & 2 tone TU7, E60, J6N, RIK, Q8Q, etc.
              Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


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                Never thought about it, but now that I have; this will be it. Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma


                • #68
                  Sammy Hagar i can't drive 55


                  • #69
                    Baby got back

                    .... that’s an engine joke


                    • #70
                      Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
                      Murray - Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
                      Torch red coupe, Adrenaline red 2LT Q8Q E60 NPP


                      • #71
                        Free bird 😁😁


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                          Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' as well. Since I was born and raised in 'south' Detroit (and still stuck here!), and Journey's Greatest Hits is the only CD I ever owned (a gift from my daughter), it is fitting. Five new Corvettes and one CD, now that's balance in life! Just wish I saw this thread 2 days ago and spoke up before Classic-Chevy-Guy!


                          • #73
                            Tom Petty, Runnin down a Dream.


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                              Originally posted by garyfields1953 View Post
                              Lynyrd Skynyrd, long version of Free Bird
                              Saw them last year in concert and going again this year. Free Bird it is when driving the C8 for the first time!!!


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                                Originally posted by Murray20c8 View Post
                                Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
                                I use that song as my cell ring tone.

                                You've gotta love Jimmy's solo at 2:22

                                FYI - be careful not to play Stairway to Heaven backwards in your C8 - your LT2 might get possessed.
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